Never had so much fun with coins as in the last two days

Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by AZSteve, Oct 23, 2020.

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    Every time I go to my credit union or a nearby bank that lets me exchange coin rolls, I ask for dollars or halves. They never have rolls, and only occasionally have some loose coins in their cash drawers. Last visit I asked again and the head cashier said "How many rolls do you want?" "How many do you have?" "$580 - all small dollars." "Why do you have so many all of a sudden?" "Some guy brought in a whole bunch of them." So I brought $200 worth home. Besides a wide variety of the circulation dates/mints (SBAs, Sacs, Native Americans and mostly Presidents, thru Garfield), I found a Tyler proof, a Polio Innovation, and several rarer collector-quantity Presidents (the ones after Garfield). Anticipation on every roll was "What am I going to find next?!" I went back the next day and got the rest of them - both customer-wrapped and bank-wrapped.

    I hadn't collected small dollars. Ended up finding 78 dates/types/mints. This included all eight circulation-quantity SBAs (79, 80, 99), all ten Sacs/NativeAmericans from circulation-quantity years (00-01, 09-11), all D's and all but five P's from President circulating-quantity years (07-11), eight Sacs/NativeAmericans from collector-quantity years (02-08, 12-20), fourteen dates/mints from President collector-quantity years (12-16: after Garfield) with only one duplicate, two proofs (Tyler & Pierce), Innovation Polio dollars from both P&D, and one very shiny, silver-colored U.S.Grant (was it plated?). I still have to sort through and choose the best from each type/mint pile.

    These 73 y.o. eyes struggled to make out the edge-inclused mint marks. I didn't know about the rare 2000-P Cheerios variety 'til I was done, so I might have to go back and check - at least the 2000-P's are easy to distinguish. When I go back to the CU branch I'll ask if the guy brought any other coins in - there were so many collectibles.

    I will include pics of the rarer ones in a future post.
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  3. spirityoda

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    Here ya go. What the Cheerios dollar middle detailed tail feathers looks like...

    01-Tail-Feathers copy.jpg
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  4. AZSteve

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    Yeah, when I read about it I found those same pics on-line. Thanks, and cheerio!
  5. beaver96

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    Congrats on a great find. You gotta love the price at only face value. You'll never lose money buying coin at that price.
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