Needing some info on 1942 Jefferson Nickle

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by RLGluvcoins, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    What would make my 1942 D Jefferson nickel look kind of goldish maybe, it's in really good shape for the year and it's even got most steps well it's got all the steps. Thanks.
    sorry about the pictures I did the best I could with my phone. just looks like there's a mark on like two of the steps.
    15633401959856092796371303727945.jpg 15633403196187822682474014037834.jpg 15633403910426107988879170857485.jpg 1563341077422967106747988382262.jpg
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  3. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

  4. Seattlite86

    Seattlite86 Outspoken Member

    Any number of things can affect the toning of a coin. There's no possible way to determine exactly what it was. Toning is technically corrosion, but it's still often pretty. I wouldn't be too concerned with the color of the coin, unless you dislike it.

    Also, your coin does not exhibit all the steps, or "full steps" as we call it. Here's a great reference for understanding Full Steps from @Lehigh96 :
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  5. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    Yeah I didn't mean to write that it had full steps I don't see very well and I have to talk into my phone and sometimes it says what it wants to say I meant I have more steps on this one then I have on any of my other older coins just curious about the toning. I have a few 1942 and 43's and most of them have a dull greyish kind of look to them and this one's quite shiny and pretty and definitely more pronounced with everything than any of the others must have steps in my order coins are like smooth couldn't even tell them whatever steps are at all with this one having steps all the way over by the D and partially where the steps count I just you know mentioned it but thank you :)
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  6. Maxfli

    Maxfli Well-Known Member

    Many coins experience some kind of change in color after being handled and exposed to the elements for 77 years. Impossible to know specifically what has acted upon your coin.
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  7. Heavymetal

    Heavymetal Well-Known Member

    Nice natural coin. Since it’s 3/4 copper the toning is normal. I’d love to find one in that condition in circulation
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  8. Ana Silverbell

    Ana Silverbell Well-Known Member

    Nice original coin, in my opinion. Nothing to worry about the toning, looks natural to me. Good addition to a nickel collection.
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  9. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    I found the coin roll hunting. I think I have 5 more rolls to go through from my nickels in this first box I've ever bought and I found that coin and was just giddy cuz it was so pretty and it was an older coin I have no coins that have been in circulation that I found like this, that are so pronounced with all the letters and numbers well everything.
    so why y'all are looking at this is that a diagonal D it doesn't look like a D over D but it does look diagonal so maybe my blind butts not seeing it right
  10. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

    In 1942 nickels were made with two different compositions. The silver containing one had a large mint mark above Monticello and the copper/nickel composition had the mint mark to the side of the building. As the silver coin aged, it got the grey toning you see for these, while the copper/nickel coin kept a brighter finish. Mint marks were hand-punched into the dies and could have many orientations.
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