Need your help attributing this coin

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by cmezner, Jun 21, 2024.

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    It's also from the pick-bin. I'm guessing it is Caracalla but can't find it.

    A similar one with a radiate head is BMC, Galatia, Cappadoccia and Syria, 16 - 18, but the head is radiate like this one at wildwinds:

    AE 22, 9.447 g
    It is some Antoninus. The obverse legend seems to be AYT KAI AYΓOYC ANTΩNEINOC

    I guess the reverse legend is ΔAMACK ....EOC and depicts a Tetrastyle shrine with a turreted bust of Astarte to l., arched lintel and domed roof.

    Your help is very much appreciated:)


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  3. Factor

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  4. cmezner

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    Thank you @Factor, however BMC 16-18 doesn't have the same animal in exergue.

    I asked Dane at wildwinds for her help; this is her information which I'm sharing with CT members:
    "The Damascus coin: there seems to be a large variety of
    these, some with part of the legend below, others with
    a -o-o- pattern under the temple base (BMC Galatia
    16-17 calls them "two wreaths"), some with diagonal
    lines, and some - like yours - with an animal. Saulcy
    also mentions several varieties of patterns and legends
    but doesn't mention the ram, nor does Mionnet.

    The animal on your coin is definitely a ram leaping
    right. When I lighten the reverse I can see the curved
    ram's horn. (On coins of other emperors/empresses, the
    ram is in the pediment of the temple). Above the ram on
    yours I can see traces of the -o-o- pattern, i.e.
    between the floor of the temple and the ram.
    I found one, also worn but visible, in the Ahli Bank
    collection in Jordan, under Damascus 3. (No proper
    inventory number is given)
    The obv. legend on that one begins AYT KAI A.., rest is
    worn and has the usual reverse of DAMACTOY MHTROPOLEOC,
    as on yours. That one also has the -o-o- pattern at the
    base of the temple above the ram.
    So I'd say this is Ahli Bank Damascus 3."
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