Need some advice on this Morgan

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Murphy45p, Aug 22, 2019.


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  1. ToppCatt

    ToppCatt ToppCatt

    Carry it around as a pocket and conversation piece with other coins,keys or whatever. It might take 6 months or more but I am sure it will brighten up. Mine did. Some old-time dealers used to do this.
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    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    It could easily have been, and probably was, dipped long before he ever acquired the coin. But that's neither here nor there. And what did he store it in if I may ask ? A flip, a 2x2, an envelope, an album, something else ?

    PVC - possible I suppose but I see nothing that indicates that to me. In any event, in my opinion the only thing that might, stress might, help that coin is properly dipping it. But if you don't know how, and based on your comments it seems you don't, your best bet is to have someone who does do it for you.

    Of course the coin could easily be too far gone already, they often are once they reach this stage. But you'll never know unless ya try. Many a black coin has been turned into a thing of beauty once properly dipped.
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  4. Murphy45p

    Murphy45p Active Member

    Thank you! Good advice. In the process I dug up an old posting on here regarding conservation. Amazing how the topics repeat themselves over the years! You moderators have your work cut out for you for sure! You do a great job of walking the line and keeping the peace, greatly appreciated.
  5. Prez2

    Prez2 Well-Known Member

    Well, it looks like a few of my experiments gone wrong dipping. At this point, all's fair in the restoration game now.
  6. Murphy45p

    Murphy45p Active Member

    In all fairness, like one of the mods mentioned, it could have been dipped long ago. It was passed from my grandmother to my father, so if it was dipped it was a while back but I can't rule it out.
  7. Prez2

    Prez2 Well-Known Member

    Of course. I suspect many were dipped over the years yet still hold good value. Meant no disrespect.
  8. Murphy45p

    Murphy45p Active Member

    None taken! The coin is flat out ugly to me, common date, no great value. Good details on the coin just a very unattractive toning.
  9. Prez2

    Prez2 Well-Known Member

    Cool. Yeah I'd dip it and take a shot. If you don't somebody else will sooner or later.
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