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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by mrsushi66, May 9, 2005.

  1. mrsushi66

    mrsushi66 New Member

    There is an online store selling the two boxed sets (1986 - 2005) of silver eagles.

    One is graded ms-69 by NGC - Price 575.00

    The other is graded ms-69 by PCGS - Price 995.00

    Is there that big of a difference in reputation that PCGS can fetch almost double?

    I am looking for just some opinions, in other words if you buy the graded/slabbed coins and you see it is an NGC coin do you kind of go eh... But when you see the same coin for the same price and it has been graded by PCGS do you go... OOOOOOO... let me seeeeeeee....

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts you share.

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  3. Spider

    Spider ~

    i dont have any graded coins, but when i look around i only look at the pcgs coins
  4. Richard01

    Richard01 Senior Member

    tough to pay such a premium on bullion coins... I don't buy bullion coins certified...
    However, in this case if it is A or B, I'd go NGC and save a few bucks to buy a bunch more bullion! High end MS68 and up examples are not exactly rare for these.
  5. Speedy

    Speedy Researching Coins Supporter

    I would get the set raw and save that kind of can get nice holders and be just as happy....

    Spider---May I suggest that you get a grading guide (along with the RedBook!!!) and also remember PCGS is not the only, or best grading Co. out there---there are many others that are good NGC, ICG, ANACS....

  6. Spider

    Spider ~

    I know that Speedy, like i said before, I do not buy any certifieds. I just look and compare
  7. Speedy

    Speedy Researching Coins Supporter

    Now...there is nothing wrong with certified coins...its just that before you buy them you should grade them yourself and not go buy the grade that is on the holder.


    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    Yes - there are some who will pay more for PCGS - but that does not mean they are worth it. Besides that - I would'nt buy either set. It is rather common to find full sets slabbed by either NGC or PCGS MS69 - for under $500.
  9. CoinSwede

    CoinSwede New Member

    Where did you find a PCGS set for under $500? Lately they have been costing a lot more, at least on eBay: Link thingy
  10. GDJMSP

    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    Typically you can find the ads in Coin World or Numismatic News just about every week. But you're right about ebay - best I could find there for PCGS was about $750 - NGC $550.
  11. miker

    miker New Member

    When I have talked to dealers at coin shows, it seems like it's a personal preference as to NGC or PCGS. I have tried to pin a dealer down as to why but they usually come up with "PCGS is the oldest" or "NGC is the official grading service of the ANA" but there doesn't seem to be any real reason (better grading, more qualified graders, etc). I agree that an ungraded set would be your best buy since the bullion coins seem to be at least MS67 right out of the box. And if you buy a graded set, you will have to spend more on the 'upkeep' as the years go by.
  12. tcore

    tcore Coin Collector


    I don't believe there is a difference between the two companies that should amount to hundreds of dollars for those coins. Now, many don't like to buy graded coins, but if you're like me and you like to get slabbed coins, go for it. Personally, I prefer NGC to PCGS, but I know that opinions will vary greatly on this. I think both do excellent grading and certification work, but I like the NGC holders the best.

    Best of luck with whatever you decide!
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