need help with ideas to buy.

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by calumsherwood, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. calumsherwood

    calumsherwood New Member

    ok so my birthday is coming up (just over 2 week) and i need some ideas [​IMG]on what coin/coins to buy myself as a present. my budget is around £40 (about $60) and i want to buy something to add to my us collection but i dont know what so i need help to decide, so please point me in a directioin. my only rule is that it cant be modern. thanks in advance.
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  3. Victor

    Victor Coin Collector

    The US Mint is now selling the uncirculated 2011-W silver eagles at about $60. They are struck on burnished blanks. Shipping extra. whoops, that's modern, so how about a nice Morgan dollar?
  4. zach24

    zach24 DNSO 7070 71 pct complete

    If I'm not mistaken, your British. And I assume you collect English coins.... HOw about a George IV Third-Farthing? I've always wanted one, perhaps I can live vicariously through you :)
  5. calumsherwood

    calumsherwood New Member

    i am english zach but i want to add to my us collection this time. i have been collecting british and world coins activly since i was about ten. i am leaning towards a dollar, maby even a peace dollar.
  6. moneyer12

    moneyer12 i just love UK coins.......

    surely you mean a george V 3rd farthing?
  7. coleguy

    coleguy Coin Collector

    With silver being hot right now I'd look at copper or early nickel coins, as your dollar, or pound will go further. If you're intent on silver, go with a less investor watched coin like early half dollars or dimes. $60 will buy you a fairly nice common capped bust half if you take the time to shop around, or several very nice dimes. There are a lot of options, depending on what you like.
  8. zach24

    zach24 DNSO 7070 71 pct complete

    A Peace Dollar sounds great!! What year do you plan to buy? If I were you I'd buy a '24 or '25, only becase they are not AS common as the 22s and 23s but still go for the same price.

    And moneyer12, you're right, my bad, goin' a little over budget with one of those, huh? lol
  9. calumsherwood

    calumsherwood New Member

    maby he does mean george IV.
    what would you suggest i spend my money on john?
  10. McBlzr

    McBlzr Sr Professional Collector

    How about a nice PCGS slabbed Buffalo Nickel ;) 1938 D_over_D Buffalo Nickel.jpg
  11. BRandM

    BRandM Counterstamp Collector

    Good to hear from you again Calum. I think the Morgan or Peace Dollar idea is a great one. You get a beautiful big silver coin at a fairly reasonable price, but like Guy says if they're over your budget the Bust Half would be a nice alternative. Anyway, have fun shopping...and a happy birthday to you.

  12. LindeDad

    LindeDad His Walker.

    A certified AU Morgan or Peace common date dollar would go for about that amount might even be able to find a MS62 or 63 if your lucky. Do not recommend a raw coin unless you know the seller well and they know how to weed out the counterfeits that are plaguing those now.
  13. calumsherwood

    calumsherwood New Member

    yeah i think that buff might be slightly over budget lol. its not that im specifically after silver, i have looked at a coulple of bust halfs too. there is some thing appealing about a big chunk of copper aswell. i could always get a nice counter stamped coin though bruce couldnt i lol.
  14. calumsherwood

    calumsherwood New Member

    is it such a problem that you would never buy a raw coin? it shocks me if that is the case. i have personally never bought a certified coin (you just dont see them in the uk) and ive never had an issue with it.
  15. mouse

    mouse Active Member

    Maybe a no cents nickel is a good coin.
  16. LindeDad

    LindeDad His Walker.

    I am talking about when one buys in the blind as in auctions on eBay and such. Most reputable dealers here in the states know how to spot the fakes so that is not that much of a problem until one tries to take short cuts or wants the great deal that turns out to be not so great.

    Edit to add that I personally do not buy any raw coins unless i can see them in hand. My core collection is all certified coins, or coins I bought directly from the mint.
  17. calumsherwood

    calumsherwood New Member

    aw i see what you mean now. i only ever by coins on ebay from dealers with great feedback.
  18. I would suggest an MS 63 Morgan or Peace dollar. Happy Birthday! TC
  19. sodude

    sodude Well-Known Member

    You could get a nice 150 year old 1861 Indian Head cent.
    Or check out the 1858 Flying Eagle cents.
    Not in MS for that price, but still a sharp and attractive coin with some history.
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