Need help with 1962 Lincoln cent.

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by PennyRich, Feb 28, 2021.

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    At this point, I’ve used doubleddie as well as varietyvista as references for this coin. In my opinion, it seems to share matching characteristics in some of the photos.

    Doubleddie doesn’t have specific markers, but states, that they will vary.

    I’d appreciate input regarding the characteristics seen on “IGWT” as well as the date. Are characteristics that “I feel” are so minuscule, truly looked at as doubling varieties? 1D1B4953-7960-4BFB-AA09-F62996F9589F.jpeg 23BD5FD2-DC5A-49D4-B6C6-D239F7B70D1A.jpeg D52C85B1-DABE-4B40-9471-BC19ADF00758.jpeg C4878C00-DC13-409E-9AD4-E7EEF8A33EBC.jpeg 3392EA67-C0F4-427F-A485-67503DFF9EC8.jpeg D6C51573-AE38-4D34-8420-951EE776CFE9.jpeg
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    07C6C39B-0EDB-45EF-B06C-E81C1A58EA66.jpeg 1E91BBEA-3B00-4641-8A41-F67E9FE1D393.jpeg B57FE5A9-C758-45C7-9B8D-9AEB2C113509.jpeg DFBFB014-709C-4484-BBDF-CF0297BB414E.jpeg Similar characteristics on the reverse of this 1982.

    Also, close-up of top of head and “we” with green lines, would I be correct as identifying this as a “die crack”?

    1E91BBEA-3B00-4641-8A41-F67E9FE1D393.jpeg B57FE5A9-C758-45C7-9B8D-9AEB2C113509.jpeg DFBFB014-709C-4484-BBDF-CF0297BB414E.jpeg
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    Strike Doubling :
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