Napoleon III 1861 Dix (Ten) Centimes

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Akyho, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Akyho

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    I have just came into the posession of a Napoleon III 1861 Dix (Ten) Centimes and i was wandering wether it was worth anything just wondering wether to keep for just a rare thing or to sell it to some one that would apreciate it more.

    I found in a closet were iv have put tons of junk in there and old coats. i was just look for somthing that might of been in there when i found the coin on the shelf which its not easy to see what on that shelf.

    My house is atleast 50 years old and iv lived in it for about 14 so its quite a find to me. also the fact that i live in scotland its french and 140 years old makes it a very rare find to me atleast.
    so i am wondering what may its uses be keep for sentimental worth or it has a currency worth.
    there is a pic i found i put it on atachments.

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  3. Ian

    Ian Coin Collector


    Your coin (according to the image you have posted) is dated 1854 and was minted in Paris (the `A' under the eagle being the mint mark of Paris). In it's condition (good fine) I would say that it has a value of between £1 - £2 to a collector of these pieces.

    If it had been an 1861A, the value would have been closer to £5.

    In financial terms....nothing to write home about. As a conversation piece, well it's a nice piece of history but they are fairly common, especially in UK where for a very brief period of time, due to a shortage of coinage, they actually did circulate.

    Keep it.

    (also Scotland)
  4. Akyho

    Akyho New Member

    Thanks but i the one in the pic is from a site i found. my coin is 1861 but has a K underneath the eagel. Dont expect the k to make much of a diffrence to the price of it more likely lower it value.

    but thanks for the history lesson the woman that lived in the house befor me she passed away but i know one of her grandaughters that live in the area and from what iv been told she wouldnt have been the typ to travle. which she died of old age and lived most her life in this house so she could have been around when the coins were in use. it could have been on the shelf befor she was there. oh well there countless possabilites but its a nice find epescily in your own home. of which i had found an old half penny and a shilling but iv lost them (half penny easily).
    oh well thanks for the info.
  5. Ian

    Ian Coin Collector

    The `K' signifies that the coin was minted in Bordeaux. Sadly, you are correct concerning the value. It's slightly more valuable, but not enough to order a second cup of tea with.

  6. Gale

    Gale New Member

    Mine has an A under the Eagle but unfortunately I am not familiar with English currency so I am assuming that basically it's worth nothing. It is also an 1861. Guess I have to continue working. Thanks so much
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