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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Seated J, Oct 20, 2020.

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    I've started collecting world coins this past year, mostly crowns, after being exclusively into slabbed US coins. I saw that Frank Robinson was offering 7 oz. ASW world coins, no culls, for $175 on his price list and it seemed like a good opportunity to add some smaller denominations to my collection. I thought it would be fun to share a breakdown of what he sent.
    There were 56 coins total, mostly in 2x2's. The silver weight totaled 7.012 oz. Condition was better then expected, averaging about VF with a few G (Canadian quarters) and several AU-UNC. Silver content was at least .400 fine with an average of about .700. All but one was from the 20th century. Here's the breakdown by country:

    Australia: sixpence 1958; florin 1943,1954
    Austria: 2 schilling 1928; 5 schilling 1961; 20 schilling 1971
    Belgium: 20 francs 1953
    Bulgaria: 50 stotinki 1913; 50 leva 1930
    Canada: dime 1919(x2),1944; quarter 1903,1905,1906, half 1943
    Canada (Newf.): dime 1941(x5); 20 cents 1912
    Dominican Rep.: 1/2 peso 1947
    France: 50 centimes 1921; 5 francs 1963; 10 francs 1933
    Great Britain: threepence 1935; sixpence 1926,1939; half crown 1941
    Hong Kong: 10 cents 1888,1903
    India: 1/4 rupee 1944; 1/2 rupee 1943
    Ireland: shilling 1939
    Italy: 500 lire 1960
    Japan 100 yen 1960
    Netherlands: 25 cents 1944; gulden 1931,1957
    Panama: 1/4 balboa 1953
    Philippines: 20 centavos 1944
    Portugal: 2.50 escudos 1945
    Saudi Arabia: 1/4 riyal
    South Africa: 5 cents 1964; sixpence 1948
    Straits Settlements: 10 cents 1910,1926
    Sweden: krona 1945,1946,1949,1967
    Switzerland: 1/2 franc 1945
    USA: dime 1944

    I had a lot of fun going through this lot and feel like it was a great deal.
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    It would be great to see 5 photos of about a dozen coins each - "aerial" shots. I had to google "Straits Settlements." LOL.
  4. Theodosius

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    Sounds like a fun lot.

    Gotta love silver.

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