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  1. Andrew McCabe

    Andrew McCabe Well-Known Member

    Part 3 of 4, today covering my day to day working numismatic library.

    Part 2 covered my antiquarian numismatic books:

    Part 1 covered covered my history books (no coins):

    Part 4 will cover my numismatic sale catalogues.

    my working Numismatic library

    Key References; Crawford RRC; Sydenham RRC & Aes Grave; Bahrfeldt Gold & Nachtraege (commentaries on Babelon); Babelon; Cohen 1857; Burnett RPC1; Rutter HNI; Sear HCRI; Mattingly and Seltman on Roman and Greek coins
    Numismatic Library Roman Coinage 1.JPG

    Key References; Grueber BMCRR; Mommsen & Blacas; Crawford Coinage and Money; Hersh Sequence Marks copy of manuscript in the ANS; Grant FITA; Sutherland RIC 1; Mattingly corpus; Hollstein and Harlan on 1st c.BCE moneyers
    Numismatic Library Roman Coinage 2.JPG

    Overviews on Ancient Coins; Metcalf, Oxford Handbook; Cambridge handbooks by Liv Yarrow, Peter Thonemann, Claire Rowan, Kroll & Kallet; Head, Historia Numorum; Broughton, Magistrates; Carson, Principal Coins; Sutherland, Roman Coins
    Numismatic Library Roman Coinage 3.JPG

    Bibliographical Refs; Banti and Simonetti Corpus Nummorum Romanorum; Melville Jones Testimonia Numaria; Clain-Stefanelli; Vermeule Spring Catalogues; Renaissance collecting by Cunnally, Grolier Club, Babelon, Bassoli, Stahl, Nalezyty
    Numismatic Library Roman Coinage 4.JPG

    Bibliographical Refs; Christian Dekesel and Yvette De Ruyck 16th to 18th c. Numismatic Books. Part 3 vol.6,SCH-Z on way to me from Spink. The sample pages that follow are from volumes in my library: Huttuch 1534, Anea Vico 1619, Bude de Asse 1551
    Numismatic Library Roman Coinage 5.JPG
    Numismatic Library Roman Coinage 5 a.JPG
    Numismatic Library Roman Coinage 5 b.JPG
    Numismatic Library Roman Coinage 5 c.JPG

    more shelves below:
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  3. Andrew McCabe

    Andrew McCabe Well-Known Member

    my working numismatic library continued...

    Quarto topical cats & mongraphs; Alfoeldi Caesar & Redeunt Saturnia Regna; Woytek Arma et Nummi; RBW coll.; Campana Social War; McCabe Anon Bronzes in Essays Russo; SNGs BnF:Italy and BM: Spain; Festschrifts for BCD and RBW: KAIROS and FIDES
    Numismatic Library Roman Coinage 6.JPG

    Quarto topical catalogues & monographs; Crawford Imagines Italicae; Thomsen Early Roman Coinage; McCabe EID MAR & McCabe coll private printings; Goebl; Riccio Luceria; Imhoof-Bluemer Portraits; Kent-Hirmer Roman Coins
    Numismatic Library Roman Coinage 7.JPG

    Quarto numismatic history & photography; Burnett on the English Renaissance; Sloan on the Enlightenment; Fagan on Archaeologists; Coin photography from Kent Kraay Hirmer Biaggi Hoberman, Pushkin & Benaki museums
    Numismatic Library Roman Coinage 8.JPG

    Folio volumes; Haeberlin Aes Grave; Baron d’Ailly (Pierre-Philippe Bourlier) on early Roman coins; Admiral Smyth & Duke of Northumberland; Barrington Atlas; Sambon; Garucci; Cunnally on a Renaissance collector; Rome Kircherian museum Aes Grave
    Numismatic Library Roman Coinage 9.JPG

    Ancient Economies; Rostovtzeff Social & Econ.Hist; Cambridge Econ.Hist; Lenormant La Monnaie dans l'Antiquite; Harl Roman Econ.; Bolin State & Currency; Duncan-Jones Money & Govt; Harris Monetary Systems; von Reden Money; Loane Industry & Commerce
    Numismatic Library Roman Coinage 10.JPG

    Coin types and misc. monographs; Viereck, Morello, Wallinga, Burzio on Greek and Roman ships; PhDs theses from Mitchell, Buttrey and Knapp; Coin types by Fava, Evans and Levy; Travaini on dies and coining
    Numismatic Library Roman Coinage 11.JPG

    selection of Journals that include important articles on Roman Republican numismatics; RNS Numismatic Chronicle; ANS Journal & Museum Notes; Quaderni Ticinesi; Rivista Italiana; INC Surveys of Numismatic Research
    Numismatic Library Roman Coinage 12.JPG

    Additionally I've another few dozen or so books in cupboards that are not key references to me. What's in this post and last are the most used.

    Next up, in a week or two, my numismatic sale catalogues.
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  4. David Atherton

    David Atherton Flavian Fanatic

    What is your self published EID MAR book about? Is it a catalogue, history, or both?
  5. Andrew McCabe

    Andrew McCabe Well-Known Member

    Not a publication, just a printing and binding by me of all existing articles with rough translations of a few. For personal research
  6. Andrew McCabe

    Andrew McCabe Well-Known Member

    Continuing my working library exposition, now onto sale catalogues

    Classic Numismatic Sale Catalogues 1, John Spring 1-260; Ball; Baranowsky; Bourgey; Button; Elder; Ciani; Cahn and Cahn-Hess; Clain-Stefanelli; Dorotheum; Egger; Fanning; Gilhofer-Hess; Glendining Classic Numismatic Sale Catalogues 1.JPG

    Classic Numismatic Sale Catalogues 2, John Spring 261-450; Hamburger; Helbing; Hess; Hess-Leu; Hirsch; Kampmann; Leu; Merzbacher; J.P.Morgan; Muenzhandlung Basel - Prince Waldeck
    Classic Numismatic Sale Catalogues 2.JPG

    Classic Numismatic Sale Catalogues 3, John Spring 451-630; Muenzzentrum; Naville Ars Classica; Peus; Platt; Ratto; Riechmann; Rinaldi; Rosenberg; Sangiorgi
    Classic Numismatic Sale Catalogues 3.JPG

    Classic Numismatic Sale Catalogues 4. John Spring 631-880; Magnaguti; Santamaria; Sambon; Schulman; Sotheby's; Spink; Stack's; The Numismatic Auction; UBS
    Classic Numismatic Sale Catalogues 4.JPG
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  7. Andrew McCabe

    Andrew McCabe Well-Known Member

    late 20th c Numismatic Sale Catalogues - Switzerland. Monnaies Medailles, Muenzen Medaillen Basel; Asta Ceresio; Sternberg; Nummorum Auctiones; Leu; Credit Suisse SKA; Tkalec; Sotheby Zurich; Numismatica Ars Classica
    Swiss full.jpg

    late 20th c Numismatic Sale Catalogues - Germany and Italy. Gitta Kastner and Lanz; Busso Peus; M&M Deutchsland; Pilartz; Gerhard Hirsch; Karl Kress; Kricheldorf; Schulman (NL); Astarte; Aretusa; Aes Rude Chiasso & Titano; Carlo Crippa; Christies Roma; Ars Nummus (Kuenst Muenzen)
    Germany full.jpg

    late 20th c Numismatic Sale Catalogues - England and USA; Spink Numismatic Circular; Seaby Coin and Medal Bulletin; Glendinings; Italo Vecchi; Bonhams-Vecchi; Classical Numismatic Group; Numismatic Fine Arts; Freeman & Sear; Harlan J.Berk; Pegasi; Kroh-Empire; Cederlind
    England Full.jpg


    The end of my library exposition in three long threads, firstly History (Antiquarian and modern), then Antiquarian numismatics, then my modern working library and numismatic sales catalogues.

    Last group of pictures above demonstrates the usual filing protocol by language and nationality not alphabetically, because coins tend to circulate many decades between auctions within the same language group.

    Ahala's Library of Ancient History, Antiquarian Classics, and Numismatic Reference Books (2).jpg

    Ahala's Library of Ancient History, Antiquarian Classics, and Numismatic Reference Books.jpg
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