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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by USS656, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. vipergts2

    vipergts2 Jester in hobby of kings

    very cool and great pics. Definitaly looks like a place worth visiting.
    Wouldn't it be nice to have those coin boards. 1 each from carson city would be like a dream come true.
    Thanks for sharing.
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  3. USS656

    USS656 Here to Learn Supporter

    I would be very happy with what's in the vault :D:D:D - I was really happy I found the place and stopped in! Glad to share some of it with the group!!!
  4. USS656

    USS656 Here to Learn Supporter

    Some Interesting Information

    :D - Enjoy

  5. JBGood

    JBGood Collector of coinage Supporter

    Amazing and informative post! Thank you, Darryl
  6. USS656

    USS656 Here to Learn Supporter

    You are quite welcome. It's been a while since I read this thread. I am not sure when I will make it back out that way but when I do, the mint will definitely be a stop. I hope the thread has inspired others to visit as well. I enjoyed it more than most museums I have visited and only wish I had more time on that day to look around.
  7. Argenteus Fossil

    Argenteus Fossil Active Member

    I didn't know Carson City minted cents too...

    Very nice thread! I enjoyed reading it (even if it is 6 years old).
  8. Paul_62

    Paul_62 Just takin' it one day at a time

    If you have time go over and visit Virginia City nearby. Stop in the Silver Queen saloon -- see the Silver Queen -- 3,261 silver dollars! My guess is she's about 18 - 20 ft tall.

    the silver queen.jpg
    the silver queen close-up.jpg silver queen detail.jpg
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  9. josh's coins

    josh's coins Well-Known Member

    Now that's Art!
    I can't wait until I move to Carson City. This will definitely be the first place to visit.
  10. Paul_62

    Paul_62 Just takin' it one day at a time

    Carson City is a great place. I've spent some time there, was there last month. On another trip wife and I spent 1/2 day at the museum and at the coin dealer across the street. Big collection of Morgans. Had lunch down the street at the Firkin & Fox, watched the World Cup and ate fried pickles. I keep talking to my wife about moving there too, at least for part of the year.
  11. josh's coins

    josh's coins Well-Known Member

    It is a nice area. When I finish college I'm moving there pronto. I'm already in the process of purchasing estates there.
  12. John Anthony

    John Anthony Ultracrepidarian Supporter

    Good thread. I'm definitely putting the CC mint on my to-do list. Thanks for all the pics.
  13. Briguy

    Briguy Collector 4 Life

    I visited the CC mint last summer... it was well worth it. My kids loved the walk through mine in the basement. The wax figures are really cool. Of course, I was glued to observing the coins on the other level.
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  14. USS656

    USS656 Here to Learn Supporter

    The personal posts that have nothing to do with this topic have been removed. They have no business in this thread or in the forum for that matter!

    This behavior shows no respect for the person that started the thread or the other members that want to participate. If I see it again in this thread or any other, it will be dealt with appropiately.
  15. swamp yankee

    swamp yankee Well-Known Member

  16. mralexanderb

    mralexanderb Coin Collector

    Nice post of the CC Mint. I've been there twice and enjoy it more each time I go.I love the descent into the mines that show you how it really was back then. (I'm sure it was worse than depicted). If you're in the Reno/Lake Tahoe area, it's a must see, for coin enthusiasts.

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  17. mralexanderb

    mralexanderb Coin Collector

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