My two thousand five hundred and someod post contest!

Discussion in 'Contests' started by Cazkaboom, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Cazkaboom

    Cazkaboom One for all, all for me.

    Hey Guys and gals of cointalk! So there has been much knowledge being shared throughout this forum, lots of it directed towards newbies to collecting. Since I am only into the hobby 2.5 years, I am still learning a lot from you guys :)
    So here's another contest by yours truly, ME!
    This is a bit of a contest to get you all to know me and a bit of coin trivia and other trivia.
    The Rules: You Must have been a member since March 2012
    You must submit replies to ALL questions by Private Message.
    In that case, have fun and get all of them right.

    1. Out of all of these slabbed coins, I have only purchased one. The rest were gifts. Which one did I purchase? (The choices are the 1915 Barber, 1951-S Cent, 1951 Cent, 1958 cent, and 1995 cent)
    1. Who is the poet who wrote “The Road Less Traveled”?
    2. When did the Flying Eagle series start?
    3. On the Walking Liberty half dollar, is the sun rising or setting?
    4. What are the two minor die varieties on an 1892 Barber quarter?
    5. Who is the owner of the only (legal) 1933 Double Eagle?
    6. Why did the rest of these Double Eagles get melted?
    7. What is my favorite color?
    8. Name two countries the U.S. coined money for.
    9. Which U.S. Gold coin has only one specimen?
    10. What do I do for another hobby? (I have two)
    11. Where’s Waldo?
    12. How badly do you want to win?
    13. Did you notice that there are two question number ones?
    14. What is my dream car?
    15. What is my favorite band? (Hint: think 80’s rock/metal)
    16. What kind of coin is this?
    What am I.jpg
    17. What date is this barber dime? (included in prize)
    1900 (2).jpg
    18. Pick a number between 1 and 120

    Contest will end April 23 at 5:00 P.M. Pacific.
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  3. wheatydigger

    wheatydigger Member

    PM sent! thanks for the contest.
  4. bsowa1029

    bsowa1029 Franklin Half Addict

    My dad used to read me that poem all the time, its a great one. The author of it lived in the town next to me at one point during his life.
  5. Hunt1

    Hunt1 Active Member

    Ooooh! I haz the answers!
  6. Cazkaboom

    Cazkaboom One for all, all for me.

    Honestly, this poem is the only one that I enjoyed enough to go through and analyze the meaning and I got a lot of deep thoughts about it.
  7. snapsalot

    snapsalot Member

    *scratches head* is there a prize to this contest? :D
  8. Cazkaboom

    Cazkaboom One for all, all for me.

    Of course! I always give prizes. I just don't think of what to give until it is over. That barber dime is included in it too. :)
  9. snapsalot

    snapsalot Member

  10. Treashunt

    Treashunt The Other Frank

  11. snapsalot

    snapsalot Member

    I spent an hour trying to figure out the first question then gave up lol.
  12. Cazkaboom

    Cazkaboom One for all, all for me.

    Snaps, you gave up on a multiple choice question??!

    Anywhoo, I want more entrants so I am going to

    this thread.
  13. gviking

    gviking Junior Member

    PM sent. Thanks for the contest!
  14. Hunt1

    Hunt1 Active Member

    Muahaha i still haz da answers.:devil:
  15. Numis-addict

    Numis-addict Addicted to coins

    can we use google...:D
  16. ozleck77

    ozleck77 Member

    Me too! Nyahaha! :hail:
  17. Cazkaboom

    Cazkaboom One for all, all for me.

    Then why you no give them to me? I know you know at least one of them :)
  18. snapsalot

    snapsalot Member

    Yeah I didnt want to guess. I wanted to know or not know.
  19. Cazkaboom

    Cazkaboom One for all, all for me.

    Aww man Snaps. You don't want to guess on any of these questions for a chance to win free coins???


    I want more entrants. Must have more!!!!

    Anybody. Everybody. Senior members too! I like them just as you.
  20. snapsalot

    snapsalot Member

    lol guessing 15 questions and managing to get every single one right. Thats beyond lottery. Thats like you just won the universe.
  21. Numis-addict

    Numis-addict Addicted to coins

    I repeat, can we use google?
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