My Small Size $1 Collection #2 - 1928A Paper Experimentals

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    BEP wanted to see if by changing the paper they could get circulating currency to last longer.
    So some of the 1928-A $1 notes were printed on different types of paper.
    The differences were the relative amounts of linen and cotton paper fibers.
    The X-B and Y-B groups were on two different experimental papers and the Z-B group was the control printed on the regular paper.
    The differences are not obvious to the eye.
    They can only be told apart by the block designators (X-B, Y-B & Z-B) and serial numbers.

    The notes I'm posting show significant circulation but that was the purpose of the test.
    They were released in November 1932.

    1928-A $1 X-B block on experimental paper.

    1928-A $1 Y-B block on experimental paper.

    1928-A $1 Z-B block on regular paper.

    Their values are low (under $100 each).
    It was just a matter of finding one of each.
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    Love those bills.
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