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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by wokeupscreamin, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. wokeupscreamin

    wokeupscreamin Junior Member

    Do you keep a coin in your wallet/purse/pocket at all times for "good luck"? If so, what is it and lets see a picture.

    Tip: If keeping a coin in your wallet make sure when it goes in your pocket the coin is facing out if in your front pocket or facing in for your back pocket. This is to keep the coin "face up" at all times to maximize its luck value.
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  3. DoK U Mint

    DoK U Mint In Odd we Trust

    A little problem with my "Lucky" coin as I don't know which is Heads and Tails. But I've been told this coin was produced as a Lucky Coin, so I keep it in my watch pocket as such.

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  4. manymore

    manymore Chinese Charms

    It's actually a Chinese coin issued to mark the founding of the Republic of China.

    The side with the flags would be considered the obverse side ("heads"). The Chinese written at the top is read right to left as zhong hua min guo which means "Republic of China".

    The Chinese at the bottom reads from right to left as kai guo ji nian bi which translates as "founding of the country commemorative coin".

    The reverse side has two Chinese characters which read top to bottom as shi wen which is the denomination "ten wen" or "ten cash".

    There is no date on the coin but the Republic of China was founded in 1912.

  5. DoK U Mint

    DoK U Mint In Odd we Trust


    I've turned it around in my pocket now.:hail:

    Maybe that will luck my change.

    Again, thank you for the info~

    Watching the Rose Bowl~ GO BUCKEYES! is my concern now so we'll see if this works.:p

    What is magic about the 9 blunted points opposite the flag?

    oH~is it worth anything since it's Pre WWI?
  6. ponderossa

    ponderossa Junior Member

    I don't carry change in my pockets, just one of those things i don't like to do, but i don't really have a lucky coin, atleast one hasn't come along yet, haha!!
  7. davemac

    davemac dave

    strange you should say that i do keep a coin
    in my pocket its a 1893 quarter dollar
    that i started the thread bad people with
    it has not left my pocket since
    and i won 10 euros on a lottery card today
    as to what side i that faces out or in
    i dont think it matters
    from memory i think doug had a gold coin as hes pocket piece
    for a while
  8. manymore

    manymore Chinese Charms

    Several different flags were being used at the time the Republic was established.

    The flag on the left was used during the "Wuhan Uprising" and was adopted by the army. It has 9 dots (stars) at the tips of the rays and another 9 dots (stars) at the base of the rays. These 18 "stars" represented the 18 provinces that existed at the time the Republic of China was founded.

    The flag on the right was initially adopted as the national flag (but later changed) and has 5 stripes which represent the 5 major nationalities of China: Han, Manchu, Mongol, Hui and Tibetan.

    Unfortunately, I do not collect these coins and do not know their present worth.

    However, I believe they are considered to be fairly common.

  9. dano

    dano Junior Member

    My lucky coin is a peace dollar worn almost smooth with no date left on it.
  10. ICollectCoins

    ICollectCoins Junior Member

    I frequently carry an 1843 large cent in an Air-Tite holder for "luck" and as a conversation piece to change the subject if things get boring. I don't know that it's a lucky coin, but it has saved me from looking at pictures of grandkids for the third time in a week on more than one occasion. I have the 1924 Peace Dollar that my father carried from WWII, through his career as a cop just outside NYC, and into retirement. It stayed in his until his death in 1986, but I don't carry that one around, it stays at home! Besides, as with dano's...mine's almost smooth now too.
    Art Haule
  11. CoinCast

    CoinCast Member

    Me too
  12. Just Carl

    Just Carl Numismatist

    OK so based on your statement a coin should be facing with the face outward. Now that presents a problem. With coins such as the Indian Head/Buffalo Nickel many call them Buffalo Nickels. So which would you put face out. What people call them or what they are supposed to be? :smile:rolleyes:
  13. wokeupscreamin

    wokeupscreamin Junior Member

    It is really your call when it comes to your deffinition of "heads or tails" but Messing with the native american luck is much like messing with the luck of the irish. If you were to choose the buffalo as heads and the indian as tails.. you might as well walk under a ladder or break a mirror.
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