My first "plate" coin- Philip II coin published in McAlee

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Shea19, Jun 18, 2021.

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    Thanks for sharing some great examples everyone! Easy to see why so many of these were published. Not very often that you see an Annia Faustina, Livia, and Domitius Domitianus all in the same thread.

    You never disappoint Terence...excellent coin.

    @Fugio1 , WOW! That is a stunner!

    @Alegandron , that's a very cool Livia...I think that the portrait style actually looks similar to the style of the portraits of Cleopatra.

    @Cucumbor , That Domitius Domitianus is really a special coin...and that's an incredible reverse on the Constantius II.

    @Roman Collector , what a great rarity, I love it!

    @Spaniard and @Al Kowsky , I really like those youthful-looking Philip II portraits. His coinage is always a bit depressing to me, and a good reminder of the brutality of the era...the poor kid was just 12 years old.

    @Sulla80 That's a really nice Septimius (there was such a great run of those at that auction, wish I'd won one of those), and a cool die link to Doug's coin.

    Looks like Q beat me to it...I really like that Gordy.
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  3. Valentinian

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    The plate coin of Zeno 949 in RIC X, plate 33, is mine:


    12 mm.
    DN [ZE]NO PE AVG [PE for PERP]
    Victory dragging captive left, SE CN and reversed cross-rho in wreath,
    RIC X 949
    It is also Hahn's MIRB 5th C: 24.2. So, it is the plate coin in two reference books.
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