My First Lowball

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by KSorbo, Apr 8, 2021 at 9:29 AM.

  1. KSorbo

    KSorbo Well-Known Member

    I’ve always had a long-standing rule of never buying coins in details holders or straight graded below G04. Last night I finally broke that rule on a whim when I got the winning bid on this straight graded AG03. I couldn’t resist the honest wear and thinking about all the stories this coin could tell. Best of all it didn’t break the bank. Does anyone have any other favorite lowballs to post? Coins that you actually like and not just purchased for registry points?

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  3. potty dollar 1878

    potty dollar 1878 Florida girls have to love walking there sharks.

    I think I was watching that one went to high for me.
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  4. SensibleSal66

    SensibleSal66 Casual Collector / error expert "in Training "

    Mine , FREE, Dug while Metal Detecting as crude as it is ,I am fortunate to have found it . Fugio Cent .
    100e1258.jpg 100e1257.jpg
  5. John Hulgin

    John Hulgin JHULGIN Supporter

    It's hard to find a nice low grade certified coin with so much detail, and a full date. Nice coin. Congrats
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  6. KSorbo

    KSorbo Well-Known Member

    The next highest bidder bid only a dollar below my top bid. I paid above PCGS guide, but when comparing other recent auction prices of low grade examples I’m happy with how I came out. It’s nice to have one that isn’t severely corroded or holed.
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  7. KSorbo

    KSorbo Well-Known Member

    Wow, can’t beat the price on that one! I’ve never found anything with value other than pocket change.
  8. kanga

    kanga 65 Year Collector Supporter

    I try to avoid coins below VERY FINE (I have some exceptions).
    And I really try to avoid DETAILS coins.
    When I can't find an undamaged one (I'll reluctantly go for a space filler).
    When I can't afford an undamaged one.

    This coin is graded AU Details.
    I got it for about a half to a third of catalog.

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  9. YoloBagels

    YoloBagels Well-Known Member

    Nice it has a good patina.

    Here is one I bought for $3 the other day. Unfortunately the date has been worn away or else it would have been worth many times what I payed. Oh well, I just thought it was a neat coin to pick up for $3.

    19-- Clad Kennedy half dollar, Genuine - PO01 details

  10. kanga

    kanga 65 Year Collector Supporter

    I didn't think a coin could be graded, even PO01 Genuine/Details, if it couldn't be dated.
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  11. YoloBagels

    YoloBagels Well-Known Member

    It isn't slabbed if that's what you're thinking. PO01 details is just my raw grade.
  12. Chris Winkler

    Chris Winkler Active Member

    Can i ask what you ended up paying for it?
  13. Chris Winkler

    Chris Winkler Active Member

    i recently read an article at PCGS that was about collecting the really worn ones... Does anyone have a complete set or one in progress?
  14. KSorbo

    KSorbo Well-Known Member

    $66 auction price, was closer to 80 with shipping and tax.
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  15. calcol

    calcol Supporter! Supporter

    Here's my centenial lowball. 1876-S half. PCGS PO01. I really like her. Cal

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  16. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Supporter! Supporter

    I got mine in change when I hijacked @lordmarcovan's time machine and hacked the date, going way back in time. LOL
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  17. potty dollar 1878

    potty dollar 1878 Florida girls have to love walking there sharks.

    This one only cost me 5 cents just found yesterday. 20210407_155617.jpg 20210407_155624.jpg
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  18. potty dollar 1878

    potty dollar 1878 Florida girls have to love walking there sharks.

    And this for F .V its so worn someone stamped the reverse which had no detail left. 20210320_120511.jpg 20210320_120528.jpg
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