My First Ever KM - 1

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Wizank, Oct 18, 2021.

  1. Wizank

    Wizank Well-Known Member

    Maybe not a big thrill for everyone, but it is for me. (But then, I thrill easily.)

    IMG_6190.JPG IMG_6191.JPG
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  3. derkerlegand

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  4. lordmarcovan

    lordmarcovan Eclectic & Eccentric Moderator

    Those were circulating when I lived in nearby Tanzania in 1972.
  5. Evan Saltis

    Evan Saltis College Dorm Collector Supporter

    First KM as in Krause?
    As in you are new to foreign coins?
  6. Evan Saltis

    Evan Saltis College Dorm Collector Supporter

    Oh, KM number 1
    Got it
  7. chuckylucky5

    chuckylucky5 Well-Known Member

    I have a few KM#1 coins so I made up a list, but I decided to also include KM#TN1 and KM#A1. Too many to include pictures.

    Ajman U.A.E. NCLT Coinage, Rashid Bin Hamad al-Naimi – 1928-1981, Riyal AH1389 – 1969 KM#1.1, NGC PF64 UC (There wwas no actual KM#1. This was the first KM# issued here)

    Antigua & Barbuda, British Colony, Token Coinage, 1 Farthiing, 1836, Hannay & Coltart, KM#Tn1

    Antigua, British Admini, Decimal Coinage, Elizabeth II – 1952-Date, 4 Dollars, 1970 (2), FAO, KM#1

    Argentina, Provincias Del Rio De La Plata, Real Coinage, 1/2 Real, 1813 PTSJ, KM#1.1

    Azores, Portuguese Administration, Provincial Coinage, Joseph I – 1750-1777, 5 Reis, 1751, KM#1

    Bahamas, British Colony, Regular Coinage, George III – 1760-1820, 1 Cent, 1807, KM#1

    British Guiana (Guyana), Private Token Issues, 1 Stiver, 1838, KM#Tn1, NGC XF45BN

    British West Indies, Anchor Coinage, George IV – 1820-1830, 1/16 Dollar, 1822, KM#1, NGC MS62

    Canada (Province of), Bank of Montreal, Decimal Coinage until 1869, Victoria – 1837-1901, 1 Cent, 1858 and 1859 Narrow 9 (2), KM#1

    Canada (Lower) (Magdelan Island – Private Estate under Administration of Quebec), Token Coinage, 1 Penny, 1815, KM#Tn1, NGC VG10BN

    Canada, Nova Scotia, Province, Sterling Coinage, George IV – 1820-1830, Halfpenny, 182, KM#1

    Comoros, Grand Comore, Sultanate, Standard Coinage, Said Ali Ibn Said Omar – 1890, 5 Centimes, AH1308A, 1890, KM#1.2

    Congo Democratic Republic, (1960-1971), Decimal Coinage – 1960-1967, 10 Francs, 1965, KM#1

    Congo (People’s Republic), Decimal Coinage 1970-1992, 100 Francs, 1971, KM#1

    Danzig, Free City, Token Coinage, 10 Pfennig, 1920 (2), KM#Tn1

    Denmark, Kingdom, Token Coinage, 6 Skilling, 1813, KM#Tn1

    Dominica, British Colony, Countermarked Coinage – 1798-1813, George III – 1760-1820, 1 ½ Bits (Moco), ND (1798), NGC XF40, KM#1

    East Africa, Protectorate, Decimal Coinage, Victoria – 1837-1901, 1 Pice, 1897, KM#1

    Equatorial Guinea, Republic, Peseta Coinage, 1 Peseta, 1969, KM#1

    Ethiopia, Empire, Token Coinage, Empress Zauditu – 1916-1930, Piastre, 1922, KM#Tn1

    French Guiana, Colony of Cayenne, Colonial Coinage, Louis XVI – 1774-1793, 2 Sous, 1789A, KM#1

    French Guiana, Colony of Cayenne, Decimal Coinage, Louis XVIII – 1815-1824, 10 Centimes, 1818A, KM#A1

    German East Africa, Colony, Standard Coinage, German East Africa Company – 1891-1903, 1 Pesa, 1891, KM#1

    German States, Cologne, Free City, Token Coinage, Maximilian Friedrich von Österreich – 1784-1801, Brodt (Bread) Ration Token, Pfennig, 1789, KM#Tn1

    German States, Hohenzollern - Under Prussia, Principality, Regular Coinage, (Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia – 1849-1861, 1 Kreuzer, 1852A, KM#1

    Guernsey, British Dependency, Standard Coinage, 1 Double, 1830, KM#1

    Hawaii, Kingdom, Standard Coinage, Kamehameha III – 1825-1854, 1 Cent, 1847, KM#1a, PCGS AU53

    India Princely States, Dewas, British Protectorate, Junior Branch, Milled Coinage – Regal Style, Narayan Rao – 1864-1892, 1/12 Anna, 1888, KM#1

    India Princely States, Travencore, Kingdom, Hammered Coinage, Bala Rama Varma I – ME973-ME986 – 1798-1810, 1 Chuckram, ND (1798-1810), KM#1

    Isle de Bourbon, French Colony, Louis XVI – 1774-1793, 3 Sols, 1779A (2), KM#1

    Italian States, Cisalpine Republic, Revolutionary State, Std Coinage, 30 Soldi, Anno IX (1801) KM#1

    Italian States, Venice-Armata and Morea, Overseas Possession, Standard Coinage, Anonymous Ruler – 1688-1714, 1 Soldo, ND (1688-1714), KM#1

    Kiau Chau (Kiautschou Bay), Trading Enclave, German Occupation, Standard Coinage, Wilhelm II – 1897-1914, 5 Cents, 1909, KM#1

    Madagascar, French Colony, Token Coinage, Societe des Mines d’Or de Andavakoera, 25 Centimes, ND (1920), KM#Tn1

    Netherlands East Indies, Atjeh, Kingdom, Milled Coinage, William II – 1840-1849, 1 Keping, AH1260, 1844, KM#1

    Peru, Republic, Token Coinage, 1 Sol, 1910, KM#Tn1

    Saint Kitts & Nevis, Saint Christopher & Nevis & Anguilla, British Associated State, Elizabeth II – 1952-Date, Standard Coinage, 4 Dollars (FAO), 1970, KM#1

    Saudi Arabia, Hejaz & Nejd Kingdom and Sultanate, Transitional Coinage, Abu Al-Aziz bin Sa’ud as King of Hejaz and Sultan of Nejd – AH1343 – 1924, 1/4 Ghirsh, AH1343 –1924, KM#1, NGC AU58BN

    Spain-Olot, Village, Republican Zone, Decimal Coinage, 10 Centimos, 1937, KM#1 Mintage 25,000, (Note: Rare Spanish Civil War coin from Olot)

    State of South Vietnam, 1953, Democratic State, Standard Coinage, 10 Su, 1953, KM#1

    Swiss Cantons – Thurgau, ½ Kreuzer, 1808, KM#1 NGC MS64 (Only 2 Graded Higher - 1 PGGS MS66 and 1 NGC MS65. Only 2 Graded at MS64)

    Tannu Tuva, Republic, Standard Coinage, 1 Kopejek, 1934, KM#1

    Tatarstan, Russian State, Token Coinage, (Mintimir Shaimiev – President – 1993), Kilo (Bread), ND (1993), KM#Tn1

    Zanzibar, Sultanate, Standard Coinage, (Barghash Ibn Sa’id – 1870-1888, 1 Pysa, AH1299, 1882 AD (2), KM#1
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  8. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

    Junk box 4/$1
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  9. tommyc03

    tommyc03 Senior Member

    @chuckylucky5 This is certainly a different way to collect, but interesting and kudos to you.
  10. chuckylucky5

    chuckylucky5 Well-Known Member

    I don't collect that way....I just happen to have those. I collect by country, by ruler within the country (if they made their own coins), and coinage type (i.e. hammered, milled, Decimal, Reform, etc.)
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