My first coin purchase in awhile and shes a rare one

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Yorkshire, Feb 26, 2021.

  1. Yorkshire

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    Well for the whole of 2020 I bought no coins but I was still lurking around here :D

    A few weeks ago I noticed this coin up for auction and placed a bid with no hopes in actually winning seeing how auction realised prices are at the moment but to my surprise I actually won.

    This beauty is 1 of 5 known to RPC and the other 4 are in the British Museum, Österreichische Nationalbank Money Museum, Ashmolean Museum and the Berlin State Museum. The only museum to actually display theirs online is the Berlin State museum.

    The coin was produced for Temnus which was a small town in Aeolis on the west coast of Anatolia. In the year 17 AD up to 15 towns and cities were destroyed in a major earthquake which Pliny described it as "the greatest earthquake in human history". Tiberius stopped taxes for 5 years for the affected towns and cities as well as paying for them to be rebuilt. Some of the areas changed their names in honour of Tiberius.

    Onto my coin;
    Domitia Æ
    Temnus, Aeolis.
    70-96 AD
    ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑ ϹЄΒΑϹΤΗ, bust facing right
    ЄΠΙ ΖΩΙΛΟΥ ΥΙΟΥ ΠΟΛЄΩϹ ΤΗΜΝΙΤΩΝ, ϹΤΡΑΤΗΓΟΥ, Athena standing to left, holding Nike, spear and shield
    RPC II 982
    Ex Vitangelo Collection

    Also I have tried looking online for research on the "Vitangelo collection" and found nothing, does anyone have any information on this collection ?
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  3. Robert Ransom

    Robert Ransom Well-Known Member

    No info, but I like the coin. :)
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  4. S.Triggs

    S.Triggs Member

    Lovely coin, I was in the process of googling the same collection as I just picked this up from Roma Numismatics from the same collection, following in hopes of further clarity
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