My coin is missing the mintmark

Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by National dealer, May 29, 2004.

  1. Mike Silva

    Mike Silva Junior Member

    Thank you for your warm welcome. You must use be using a new scanner with your coins as well. Having any luck so far?
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  3. Duncan

    Duncan Numismatist

    i thought you ment it was minted in phily ya probably filled or greased die
  4. dwhiz

    dwhiz Collector Supporter

    My "STRUCK THRU GREASE" found in change. Slabed by ANACS AU55 (old white slab)

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  5. woobacca

    woobacca New Member

    i have a 1994 quarter with no mintmark, and its flipping me out, and i also have a 1982 dime without a mint mark also, how much would they be
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  6. steelheadwill

    steelheadwill Member

    Your dime is a good'un, search the pcgs website for their page on this error.
    not sure about the quarter.
  7. Bkcook

    Bkcook New Member

    Is this 1968 dime one with no mint Mark or no s 1462969068783-259071090.jpg IMAG0032.jpg
  8. Hommer

    Hommer Curator of Semi Precious Coinage Supporter

    That dime is a very badly worn business strike coin. If it doesn't have a mint mark, it would have been struck at Philadelphia. The no S mint mark dime is a proof only coin.
  9. Dangerous

    Dangerous New Member

    As far as I'm concerned any coin with a mint generated discrepancy is a keeper!!!!!
  10. paddyman98

    paddyman98 Let me burst your bubble! Supporter

    Did you understand the response? The dime is not an error. It was struck at the Philadelphia Mint and they don't use a mintmark. This is not a mint generated discrepancy.. if you meant an error coin o_O
  11. jonny oneal

    jonny oneal Member

    actually very interesting to knnow and learn. does this apply to dimes as well? that would explain the illusive 1982 roosevelt dime with the missing P that would be nice to have. i've tried to find one but that's a jester's pursuit.
  12. jonny oneal

    jonny oneal Member

    please explain your facile reply that the missing mint marks are die fill errors. i have a 1909S VDB wheat penny that is missing the "L" in liberty. the surface of the coin, when examined under high powered tools, shows no evidence whatsoever that the L was ever minted onto the penny. this error is listed in Frank Spadone's book called Major Variety-Oddity Guide of United States Coins, published in MCMLXXI, 5TH Ed., i believe (I believe I have read somewhere that he first published this great, informative book, that every numismatist should have, around 1950). it seems to me a filled die error would leave evidence on the coin. you are not referring to the error of polished a die to the point that a detail on the obverse or reverse disappears? Actually Spadone defines "filled dies" as a blank or missing part of date, lettering, et al., caused by metal filing that clog the incused area so that wen the dies strikes the bank it leaves a missing "portion." He also states an "excessively polished die will produce the same results of a filled die." He, however, attributes increased value to my 1909S VDB penny as well as other coins missing mintmarks, dates, or legs like the 1939 and 1929 buffalo nickels. He valued the 1909S VDB at $131.00 in "fine" condition and $220.00 if missing the "L;" the 1937D three-leggged buffalo listed at $0.45 in good condition; if missing the leg because "fill die" existed, its value was $60.00. Prices were those when this edition was published, of course, but he observed the increase in value for the coin "afflicted" by filled die processing. thanks
  13. jonny oneal

    jonny oneal Member

    i do not believe no mint marks on state quarters are "common," but regarding holding on to it, for coins without errors, what about the long trend of state quarters becoming virtually worthless due to the mintage and number bought? seems to me the price for a set declines every time i look. have you noticed this happening? i ask because it makes me wonder if the complete clad set i have is really worth keeping (the silver set is a different matter of course). I do have what I think are three oddities. i didn't buy them; an aunt gave them to me. they are state quarters for Maryland, and two other 1999 coins, that include a pewter casted model of what is depicted on the coin. for maryland, it is the state capitol building. they were made by Hallmark and seem to be somewhat hard to find. i wonder what value they would have? thanks.
  14. Rustygrill3

    Rustygrill3 New Member

    Can someone explain how to upload photos to this site? My I-MAC is new to me and at my age, computers are a thing of history. Thanks for the help.
  15. Rustygrill3

    Rustygrill3 New Member

    That was suppose to be "thing of mystery"
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