My Book: Mint Errors to Die For is open for pre-orders

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    My long-awaited book on Mint Errors, Mint Errors to Die For, is currently on the schedule for printing. It should be in my hands and ready for shipping out to buyers sometime near the end of February (possibly sooner).

    This 8.5 x 11 inch soft-cover book contains 304 pages on 100# glossy cardstock pages. There are dozens upon dozens of HD photos of error coins from various error types with explanations and details, and it includes an entire chapter on how to identify altered, counterfeit, and damaged coins that can resemble genuine Mint errors. Several topics and bits of useful advice surrounding the hobby are covered in addition to bits of Coin Trivia and a little U.S. history thrown in here and there.

    The special pre-order price to lock in a copy is $65 (includes shipping) and I accept Paypal ("Friends and Family" only or additional fees will be added), Venmo, or you can mail me a check written out to "Joe Cronin." Other payment options might be able to be accommodated if you want to send me a private message. (The price will be going up after Memorial Day to $95). For Paypal and Venmo, my email you'll need is Please be sure to provide me a good shipping address. International orders must contact me privately first to determine additional shipping fees.

    Attached is the cover and a couple sample pages. (These are jpegs so they are a bit blurry. The book pages will not be blurry and came out incredible.) Send me a private message or an email if you have any questions. I hope you buy a copy! I know you'll enjoy it!

    ~Joe Cronin

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