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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by 7Calbrey, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. 7Calbrey

    7Calbrey Well-Known Member

    Weighing 66.72 g. the following bronze coin is the biggest and heaviest one in my collection. I know that it dates back far in History at the time of Ptolemy, I guess. It might need some cleaning, but I dare not touch it. Thanks for any comment.

    PtolZeus O.JPG PtlZess R.JPG
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  3. Seattlite86

    Seattlite86 Outspoken Member

    It would be great to see a comparison coin next to it to help us understand it's size.
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  4. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter I dig ancient coins...

    What's the diameter of the coin in millimeters?
  5. 7Calbrey

    7Calbrey Well-Known Member

    That's 41 mm. But it's thick..
  6. PlanoSteve

    PlanoSteve Supporter! Supporter

    Wow! If you don't mind, I'm going to nickname it "T-Rex". :D
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  7. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter I dig ancient coins...

    In Canada and the U.S. - a hockey puck.

  8. Nicholas Molinari

    Nicholas Molinari Well-Known Member

    It would only get worse from cleaning. The red earth provides nice highlights.
  9. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    My biggest coin is from my 1969 Proof Set (1000 Schillings)
    Uganda/ Visit of Pope Paul VI to Kampala
    138g. 68mm.
    There where 4 gold 6 silver in set.
    Won the set from Stacks auction for $2400! 14618_1000_schilling_uganda_c.jpg
  10. chrsmat71

    chrsmat71 I LIKE TURTLES!

    Mine is a puny 43 g (and 40 mm)!


    My heaviest coin is this 57.1 g (also 40 mm) 2 pence!

  11. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter


    Egypt Ptolemy IV 221-205 BC AE Tet 40mm 7.2mm thick 69.5g Zeus Ammon Eagle

    Egypt Ptolemy III AE Tet 41mm 7.2mm thick 67.5g Zeus Ammon Eagle Cornucopia XP Chi-Rho
  12. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Wonder who now owns that Mughal Empire
    AV 1000 Mohurs
    diameter 200 mm. (8 inches)
    weight 35 pounds
    The last owner the Nizam of Hyderabad
    Did not meet reserve in auction (Habsburg-Feldman/1987)
    Biggest Ancient Bactria AV 20 Stater
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  13. 7Calbrey

    7Calbrey Well-Known Member

    Thanks to all of you for these images and comments. I think mine is the same of Alegandron's that was struck under Ptolemy III, with cornucopia and XP.
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  14. Pellinore

    Pellinore Supporter! Supporter

    This coin I bought some thirty years ago, I used it for a long time as an ornament on the table, a work of art to amaze my guests (I doubt if anybody ever looked at it, but I loved it anyway). It's a Ptolemy IV, Alexandria, Cornucopia Series 5 AE drachm according to this excellent website. Svoronos 1125, Delta Iota I think, but delta or lambda, that's hard to read.
    40 mm, 67.12 gr.

    1207 Pto.jpg
  15. 7Calbrey

    7Calbrey Well-Known Member

    I examined the interesting and detailed website that you kindly mentioned @Pellinore . So the OP coin has a club and not a cornucopia in left field. Hence it's likely to have been struck in Tyre. ( not Alexandria ).
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  16. Tejas

    Tejas Well-Known Member

    Here is my biggest ancient coin. A follis of Justinian of the mint of Kyzicus. The coin has a diameter of 46 mm, which is probably as big as they ever got. Screenshot 2019-11-30 at 09.01.40.png
  17. Deacon Ray

    Deacon Ray Smiles, everyone! Supporter

    That’s a massively beautiful coin, @7Calbrey ! And, an interesting thread. When I use the term “Beautiful,” I’m not always using it to describe aesthetic perfection. I’m often amazed by imperfections and features that have been damaged by time and the elements. The soil and mineral deposits can be fascinating also.

    Here is my largest early Judaean coin. It’s not large compared to the coins of the Ptolemaic Empire but large by comparison to other Judaean coins of the period which are closer in size to a dime. This one is the size of a quarter.

    Hendin 1169.jpg
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  18. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    Hmmm... my HEAVIEST HAND-STRUCK Coin (not cast) is:

    Carthage AE 15-Shekel 102.6g on Scale.JPG
    AE, 15-Shekel
    45mm dia 7.5mm thick 102.6g
    201-175 BCE
    Hannibal issued it to help pay down Roman 2nd Punic War indemnities
    Tanit, left
    4 hooves down Horse, right
    SNG Cop 400
    RARE R1
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  19. gsimonel

    gsimonel Well-Known Member

    Hey Alegandron, is the AE 15 a typo? If not, what does the "15" designate?
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  20. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    15-Shekels it what modern numis want to call it. Dunno what they truly called it. I affectionally call it the 1-ZAMA... since Hannibal issued it (after losing to Scipio at Zama), when he was organizing Carthage's finances ater the 2nd Punic War. Hannibal was scrambling to pay the Roman War indemnities.
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  21. gsimonel

    gsimonel Well-Known Member

    I think I got it. Bronze, value of 15 shekels, right?
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