My bank likes shiny coins and questions on Jefferson Nickels

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    Stopped at the bank today with my wife and dog. The wife said she didn't mind to go in and I wait in the car with our dog. I told her sure, but pick-up five rolls of nickels for me. I wanted to do some roll searching tonight. Well, I picked up the first roll and looked at the end with a reverse showing, it looked really shiny and I thought it must be a 2022. Sure enough obverse is a 2022, so I looked at the rest of the rolls with same coins on the ends. The all were showing an obverse on one end and reverse on the other. They were actually rolled exposing most of the end coins. So I opened one roll and sure enough all 2022 P's. So I have 200 2022 P minted nickels, but they are nice and shiny. If I would have gone into the bank I would have observed this. Well I' m fairly sure I would have observed this. Has this ever happened to anyone else.

    All pertain to the nickel:

    2017- Is it correct to state there is S proof and also an enhanced coin? If this is correct what is the mint mark on the enhanced?

    2018- I think there is a S proof as well as a reversed S proof. Am I correct?

    2020- A regular S proof and a W reverse proof. Is there a second W nickel minted, and if so what is the difference between the two?

    Thanks in advance for agreeing I would have seen this bank issue, and answering the questions I have.
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