My 2cd Anniversary gift from my wife.

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by dctjr80, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. dctjr80

    dctjr80 Senior Member

    I thought it was very sweet of my wife to get for me 2 Grams of gold for our 2cd Anniversary. :)

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  3. byrd740

    byrd740 Numismatist

    Well thats great. Happy Anniversary!
  4. temmy24k

    temmy24k Junior Member

    yes,it's very beautifuuuuuuuuuul,like your wife i think :) .so, you strated collecting gold Don ?
  5. dctjr80

    dctjr80 Senior Member

    Well I am not against collecting gold, but no, I don't really purchase it much. And yes she got it for me because it has a striking resemblance to herself ;-)
    Mostly I am still buying 100+ year old silver coinage from around the world.
  6. ice

    ice Just happy to be here

    I really like it and congrats on the 2nd anniversity and many more to come. Ice
  7. bqcoins

    bqcoins Olympic Figure Skating Scoring System Expert

  8. TheNoost

    TheNoost huldufolk

    Congrats on the 2year anniversary! Nothing says love like gold.
  9. kidromeo

    kidromeo I M LEGEND

    Happy 2nd Anniversary Donn :). Wonderful gift :thumb:
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