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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by LuckyCoin, Feb 4, 2020.

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    Hi everybody thanks for stopping by just wanted to share my story of my first counterfeit coin. Im a supervisor and one of my workers knows i love coin collecting and stuff and showed me this coin. She says her husband who just passed a couple of months ago had this coin hidden. She kept telling me its old...just have no idea how old or the price. She told me ill sell it to you if you can figure out the price if it. I was like I'd love to do the research.
    First thing in my head and looking at it and holding it was that red flag looked way 2 good to be as old as we think. Well sure enough all i put in Google search was...coin with grapes and a palm tree and .....Surprize surprise i found it. How funny first thing is thats its 1 of the largest counterfeit coins out there. The pics will show you what i found out...(Romen coin)... and luckily it evn shows you how to spot the genuine from the fakes. And yes this 1 was a Perfect match for the Fake.
    So funny after i showed her the it went from selling it to me toooo "You can have it" haha... so always but always do your homework before buying...well hope this helps some1 out there....Happy Hunting:bored::pompous::wideyed:;)o_O

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    Show and Tell

    Thanks for the story.
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