My 1st ancient coin!

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Itsjoe49, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. Itsjoe49

    Itsjoe49 Member

    Hey there! Just got my first ancient coin. I think it is a seleukos iv coin. But I am not sure. One side it pretty worn down. Can you guys help me out? And is there any value in a Coin like this? I normally collect US coins or silver, but I keep trying to broaden my Verizons to learn more and more about coins and history. Thanks in advance!
    AD455316-6EC5-48AC-8CE7-B6E118C00DCA.jpeg EA71BF80-6B9B-4FA5-875B-C92A8D6D88A5.jpeg BF785172-D034-43F7-860C-5F1D59A8BF86.jpeg 0E55F2E6-5921-4A49-88D0-789CA010BBC5.jpeg
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  3. David@PCC


    Welcome @Itsjoe49 you are correct, the obverse is upside down. I'm going to guess the monogram is AB, hard to make out? The full attribution
    Seleucus IV
    187 to 175 BC
    AE Serrate
    Obvs: Dionysos right ivy crowned, thyrsos behind shoulder.
    Revs: BAΣIΛIEΩΣ ΣEΛEYKOY, Forepart of galley left. AB above
    Ref: SC 1316

    Here is one of mine, slightly different
    Seleucus IV
    187 to 175 BC
    Obvs: Dionysos right ivy crowned, thyrsos behind shoulder.
    Revs: BAΣIΛIEΩΣ ΣEΛEYKOY, Forepart of galley left. M above
    AE 20mm, 7.1g
    Ref: SNG Isr.126.887, SC 1316.2L
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  4. Itsjoe49

    Itsjoe49 Member

    Thanks for the response! I’m glad I have the right coin in mind; that makes me feel better.

    mine is obviously in rough shape, but any idea what these go for? I made an impulse buy, So I want to check if I got my money worth haha.
  5. David@PCC


    These are quite common but I would expect one in that condition to sell on Ebay for $5 to $20. Many might ask more than that, that's where I would place the value.
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  6. Itsjoe49

    Itsjoe49 Member

    Awesome! That works perfect for what I paid for it ($7). Happy to make the purchase for my first ancient coin. Thanks for all the info!
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  7. Coin Obsessed

    Coin Obsessed Active Member

    I would keep the coin, but selling it for money is another good idea! Your choice!:)
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  8. Itsjoe49

    Itsjoe49 Member

    im planning on keeping it right now. I was just curious of the value Incase there is something down the road I can trade it for or something. Just like keeping my options open
  9. Coin Obsessed

    Coin Obsessed Active Member

    Oh ok
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  10. rrdenarius

    rrdenarius non omnibus dormio Supporter

    Welcome to ancients CT @Itsjoe49 . You have a neat coin. I like the business end of your warship. You can find a lot of history surrounding old coins here.
    The Seleucids were not the only ones to have warships on coins. The prows shown below are on coins of Pereus / Macedonia and the Roman Republic.
    Pereus and a Roman Republic.jpg
    ship prow of Pereus and a Roman Republic.jpg
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  11. Itsjoe49

    Itsjoe49 Member

    I really like that smaller one. Looks clean with a lot of fine details in it. Thank you for sharing!
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  12. DonnaML

    DonnaML Supporter! Supporter

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  13. Itsjoe49

    Itsjoe49 Member

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  14. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member Supporter

    Your coin is better than most 'first' ancients we see here. Of course everyone wants the better grades but there is a lot of interest in a dollar for dollar sense. My intended hobby is collecting coins I want to keep long term. I sell only mistakes and duplicates. I do suggest buying only coins that you believe will be wanted in 50 years. If you sell the coin, I hope it means you have no interest in it rather than you want to make a couple dollars on the deal. I'm not particularly interested in Seleucid coins but bought too many when they were what I considered cheap and available. It turned out they were not as cheap as I thought.

    Your coin is nicer than mine was. I lost interest in it and sold it. I paid $14 in 1995 (which was too much) and, as I recall, took a small loss when it sold. I decided I had too many bottle cap coins and liked the others more. Don't count on a profit.
    g92280cc1153.jpg g92292bb2832.jpg g92295bb2529.jpg g92300bb1710.jpg g92320bb1147.jpg
  15. Egry

    Egry Supporter! Supporter

    Now let a lifetime of fun begin!
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  16. Pellinore

    Pellinore Supporter! Supporter

    I think this is a nice ship coin. Good start for a collection.
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