My 1982 Penny Varieties! So Close But Far Still Hahaha.

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Boxxxy559, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. Boxxxy559

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    20180722_230452_Film4.jpg 1982 D 3.1 Large date.It has alittle machine doubling on the 2 and 8 so not saying it's a small date but always confused myself on this one.⏫ 20180722_230429_Film4.jpg 1982 3.1 copper Large Date.⏫ 20180722_230325_Film4.jpg 1982 3.1 copper Small Date!⏫ 20180722_230207_Film4.jpg 1982 D 2.5 zinc Large Date. 20180722_230346_Film4.jpg 1982 2.5 zinc Large Date.⏫ 20180722_224823_Film4.jpg 1982 2.5 zinc Small Date.⏫ Yes ive weigh them all Fyi so no ned too ask.1982 D 3.1 copper Small Date is a pain in the ass to find if ever and 1982 2.5 zinc Small Date is the two im to Find. I thought I would post to show examples of the different varieties since this one gets confused all the time. And the San Francisco or West Point or Philadelphia minted is still a almost impossible challenge identifying them apart.
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  3. Dave363

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    Well it appears that you have a handle on it.
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  4. Boxxxy559

    Boxxxy559 Here To Stay N Hear They Say.

    Thank you.
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  5. Noah Finney

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  6. Clawcoins

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    Pictures too !!
    I have a copy and paste text I post for people. But no pictures except for Small vs Large date "2" comparison. This is nice.
  7. Boxxxy559

    Boxxxy559 Here To Stay N Hear They Say.

  8. RonSanderson

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  9. Boxxxy559

    Boxxxy559 Here To Stay N Hear They Say.

    Yeah this one definitely is a brain strainer it's taking me a good year countless hours to finally understand this year.will do though thank you.:bookworm:
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    Thank you you really made clear
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  12. Hello I have over 601982 d and 1982 no date and a few very 1982 D small date what's are they worth and I have a few 1969s And a few 1971s and 1909 barber dime much more

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  13. Michael K

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    Without photos, the 1982's are worth 1 cent each. They made 17 billion of them, and unless it is mint state condition (brand new) it's one cent.
    Here is something I posted the other day:

    They didn't make any 1982-D small date coppers. 1 has been found.
    1982 was a transitional year, they switched from copper to zinc towards the
    end of the year.
    Philadelphia made large dates in copper and zinc. And small dates in copper and
    zinc. Denver made large dates in copper and zinc. But small dates ONLY in zinc.
    Again, 1 was found on copper, perhaps a left over planchet tossed in a bin with a million other zinc blanks. At that stage they look the same.
    There is also a 1982-S proof large date. Copper.
    The coppers weigh 3.1 grams and the zincs weigh 2.5 grams.
    They made 17 billion cents in 1982.
    Except for the 1 rarity the only coins from 1982 that have any value is the proof 1982-S, and almost any coin in MS grade. That being said, the most
    desirable coins from that year are Philadelphia small date copper, and Philadelphia small date zinc. IN VERY HIGH GRADE. The other 17 billion are all worth 1 cent.
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  14. Boxxxy559

    Boxxxy559 Here To Stay N Hear They Say.

    You forgot to mention about the 1982 small date zinc DDR! Sold in auction about a year or two ago highest auction value was 10 grand.
  15. Boxxxy559

    Boxxxy559 Here To Stay N Hear They Say.

    Believe it or not my homework has told me I came across one and the only one which I'm going to send in soon.
  16. Boxxxy559

    Boxxxy559 Here To Stay N Hear They Say.

    1982 D small date!? I'm more on the doubtful side on that but I would like to see a pic of it?
  17. Boxxxy559

    Boxxxy559 Here To Stay N Hear They Say.

    Screenshot_20180609-165918.png and of course the 1982 D. Copper Small date the one and only so far.
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