WTS: MS 69 NGC STAR Toner, 2001 Buffalo Silver; Franklin Commems; 1909 VDB toned; Error Cent

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    Hello all!

    There are six "lots" available here. Please message me with any questions. Shipping is free for all lots! Payment via paypal (I'll cover the 3%...cheaper via paypal gift though). I will also consider checks/money orders, but it would have to clear before I ship.
    I am willing to mix and match the lots or even split them up (but the price will usually be best if purchased as a lot).
    (Please send a message for more pictures...some coins only have the obverse pictured due to space restrictions)

    (0) Pair of 2006 Silver Franklin Commemoratives (both ICG PR70) ...$55

    (1) 1909 VDB PCGS MS 64 BN Toned Lincoln Wheat Cent ...$55

    1988 35% Off Center Error Cent PCGS MS 64 RD ...$50
    Combine this coin with the 1909 VDB from above for $90 total
    See here for picture:

    NGC MS 69 STAR Toned 2001 French Silver Curved The Last Franc ...$269

    1992 MS 66 FS PCGS toned Nickel ...$75


    1885-O Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS 65 CAC Toned ...$385
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