WTS: Mostly sold Pretty Columbian & Mercury Proof Still available reduced

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    Edit: The Barber and SLQ I decided to send to GC. Rest minus one that sold still available.

    Edit 2: 1882-S blazer sold

    Edit 3: Gold is all sold

    Everything is also listed on ebay but cheaper here.

    Payment by check or PayPal friends and family or Regular PayPal + 3%. 10 day return on the graded coins is no problem, you cover the return shipping. No returns on the gold bullion.

    1. Pretty 1893 Columbian https://www.ebay.com/itm/192539531100
    $150 delivered here. Notice how I nailed the CAC logo to make up for the focus work above. Now $145.

    1942 PR66 CAC 10C with TrueView: https://www.ebay.com/itm/192539535475

    $180 shipped here. Now $170


    Have a few others listed on ebay but am getting lazy here. If you see something there can take 10% off buying here.

    Message with any questions, thanks for looking!
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