Morgan and ASE fire sale!

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    HAB Peace 28 2.0 Je ne me soucie plus vraiment. Je suis essentiel.

    Hello. Today, I have a 2014 S MS 70 PCGS ASE, that’s still in the plastic. I’m asking only $35 for it.
    2 Morgans. 1. A 1889 O (better date) PCGS MS 62, for only $225. This coin has some lovely water colored toning on the obverse.
    2. A 1890 PCGS P MS 64. This coin is well struck and lustrous. I’m asking only 70$ for this coin. So, you can receive all of these coins (if you want) for only $330? That is WELL below book. DM me, if interested? I will accept a check or money order. Preferably a check. Thank you, and have a good day or night.
    A4528AF1-3CA3-4546-A135-8E2768F8D29C.jpeg C1C9A835-2F1B-4909-B857-253C1CCFBFD4.jpeg F48A1AB8-4935-4A9A-B7B0-E71794818FAC.jpeg 8821120F-4536-40C9-A078-9E55668F359A.jpeg 516B810E-E918-4ED4-8678-DF62A1DFB765.jpeg 204D103E-08E6-481D-B370-0267221E4941.jpeg
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