Monticello POW notes

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by petronius, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. petronius

    petronius Duke

    These are, without any doubt, POW notes

    monticello POW.jpg

    But Monticello Camp, Arkansas, although it well known as a Camp for italian prisoners in WWII, is not listed on Campbell's catalog, and not listed on this site

    Someone has informations? An idea about value?

    Thank you.

    petronius :)
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  3. lettow

    lettow Senior Member

    Not all POW camps in the US issued camp money or chits. There are also no known government records that identify all the camps that did issue their own coupons. The listings in Campbell and on Dave Frank's website are based on observation of actual coupons. Coupons from new camps are still being discovered.

    If these are the first recorded pieces from this camp they would probably sell for $150.00-300.00 for the pair. The price will drop if other pieces are found as the number of collectors is relatively small.
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  4. petronius

    petronius Duke

    Thank you, lettow :)
  5. gsalexan

    gsalexan Intaglio aficionado

    These are fascinating. I never knew the Monticello POW camp existed.
  6. dhfsrf

    dhfsrf New Member

    Monticello, AK POW camp existed from 9/43 until 9/45 and housed 2706 German and Italian POWs. No chits were recorded for the camp in any of the literature, however new pieces from camps are being found from time to time. You may be the first to have found any from this camp. I would like to have your permission to post these chits on my website


  7. petronius

    petronius Duke

    Those notes are not mine, I'll talk with the owner, I think there is no problem, but, please, wait.


  8. petronius

    petronius Duke

    Hi Dave,
    excuse me for delay.

    I spoke with the owner, and he says can do it.

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