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Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by model77, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. model77

    model77 Silver Stacker

    Okay roll searchers...

    The silver is nice, but we are looking at thousands of coins every month and pretty much everything is passing through our hands. Let's discuss ways to turn those non silver coins into some money as well.

    --obviously looking for errors is great if you are willing to take the time

    --you can pull key dates

    --you can fill whitman folders

    --you can hold BU, Proof, or toned coins

    I've noticed key dates and folders do not seem to go for much over face on the bay. Do any of you have tips or tricks on what you are doing with your non silver coins??
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  3. Jon4485

    Jon4485 Junior Member

    i was able to sell some quite a few nifc half dollars for 3.00 on ebay and some at 3.49 .... i was also able to sell $50 face value in bicentennial half dollars for $68 not much profit buy hey who would've guessed... i am trying to sell a full set of half dollars 1971-2001 p and d no s mints ( also i am including the 2002 p and d in this lot tho) for some profit and will tell you how it goes.... last i am selling a grease filled die half dollar on the reverse eagle and have a couple of watchers so we'll see how it goes... most of this was because i found no silver and am trying to make up for that and the rolls that were short some :(
  4. FMT15

    FMT15 New Member

    I think you nailed the main ways., although like you said folders don't sell for too much.. not current ones anyways. It is hard to pull newer coins out of circulation that could be worth something, because there are so many that are worth just FV. That's why people only search halves and dimes for silver, its where the money's at.
  5. AUtiger

    AUtiger New Member

    I tried the same thing after saving all the AU+ 1971-2001 coins I had found over a couple months. Tried selling them in solid date rolls and P/D sets. I only sold one 1980-1990 P/D set and a full roll of struck thru grease coins. I've got the rest of the coins I'd saved in the car ready to dump tomorrow. There's just no demand for them, so I've cut way down on what I'm keeping out of boxes.
    Haven't tried selling the NIFC's and proofs I've found yet, but I checked the completed listings and haven't seen much interest in them either.
  6. Jon4485

    Jon4485 Junior Member

    have you ever tried taking the nifc and proofs to a dealer? i hear they may give you a bit for them if they aren't to messed up. I've tried to take some nifc to this one coin store and the employee who clearly knew nothing about coins goes you can spend those they aren't silver (well i guess they did teach her one thing lol!) next time i'll go to a different store though with an actual dealer instead of their "experts" behind the computer... well the point is see if a dealer will take em if not i guess the lady was right lol but i keep em anyways because of their mintage amount
  7. AUtiger

    AUtiger New Member

    I haven't tried anything with them yet, as I've only found a few proofs and a 3-4 rolls worth of NIFC so far. I'm honestly not very optimistic about them being worth much, but it's hard to throw back a coin with a mintage under 3 million.
    How did you sell the NIFC's you mentioned in your first post? Singles in 2x2's?
  8. ForTHEkids

    ForTHEkids Member

    It might not be a money making opportunity but I have been able to list some of the NIFC coins as well as proofs and some harder to find Jeffersons in the Trade forum. I have been able to swap these coins for other coins that I am looking for.
  9. Jon4485

    Jon4485 Junior Member

    yeah i sold the nifc's in singles i took nice pics with them raw and then but it in a 2x2 or bag and shipped it in an envelope... somewhere around $2 profit but hey i'll take it :) and i hear ya it is really hard to throw some back lol i ended up throwing 5 back only to pull them out again XD ... also trading sounds like a good idea
  10. g1rge

    g1rge Member

    What are NIFC's?
  11. ThinnPikkins

    ThinnPikkins Well-Known Member

    Nifc= not intended for circulation

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  12. g1rge

    g1rge Member

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