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    I am looking to purchase Modern Commemorative Half Dollars to add to/or complete my CAPS album. I am looking for raw, non-encapsulated/certified examples. They do not need to be in OGP, but should be near the original condition. I know I can get them on eBay relatively cheap but thought I would give members a shot first. I would be paying via Paypal F&F. Here is what I am looking for:

    1991 Mount Rushmore Uncirculated (D)
    1992 Columbus Uncirculated (D)
    1995 Olympic Basketball Uncirculated (S)
    1995 Olympic Basketball Proof (S)
    1995 Olympic Baseball Uncirculated (S)
    1995 Olympic Baseball Proof (S)
    1996 Olympic Swimming Uncirculated (S)
    1996 Olympic Soccer Uncirculated (S)
    1996 Olympic Soccer Proof (S)
    2001 Capitol Visitor Center Uncirculated (P)
    2003 First Flight Uncirculated (P)
    2011 Army Uncirculated (D)
    2011 Army Proof (S)
    2013 5 Star Generals Proof (S)
    2015 US Marshalls Uncirculated (D)
    2016 National Park Service Uncirculated (D)
    2016 National Park Service Proof (S)
    2017 Boys Town Centennial Uncirculated (D)
    2017 Boys Town Centennial Proof (S)
    2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Uncirculated (D)
    2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Proof (S)
    2019 American Legion 100th Uncirculated (D)
    2019 American Legion 100th Proof (S)
    2019 Apollo 11 50th Uncirculated (D)
    2019 Apollo 11 50th Proof (S)
    2020 Basketball Hall of Fame Uncirculated (D)
    2020 Basketball Hall of Fame Proof (S)
    2021 National Law Enforcement Uncirculated (D)
    2021 National Law Enforcement Proof (S)

    I am posting to a couple of other sites as well. If you have any of these shoot me an offer for consideration.

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