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Discussion in 'Want Lists' started by Mark Metzger, May 31, 2018.

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    Hey there Coin Talkers! My young son (7 years old) is an enthusiastic young coin collector. Summer is upon us, so I wanted to see if anyone had any mixed lots of old world or US coins they would be interested in selling. I've bought some lots from forum members in the past and have been happy with what we've seen.
    Things we like:
    Unsearched / lightly searched bags of world coins from the early 20th century or older
    Mishmash collections of carded coins from old collections from the same era
    World silver (preferably older)
    US coins (though these can sometimes be cost prohibitive)
    Small collections
    Things we don't like:
    Modern coins
    Mint sets
    Mean people
    Paper cuts
    My goal is to purchase lots of coins in the $100-$300 range, sort through them with my son, let him keep the ones he likes (he has a pretty good eye!), and then sell off the remaining coins to recoup some of the upfront investment. I always like to mention that I am going to resell some of the coins in the interest of full transparency.
    So...if you think you have some things which might fit our liking, please let me know.
    Until then, here's a shot of my son first thing this morning, ready to get into some pre-breakfast numismatic action:

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