mix of british and french coins. check

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by Mukremin, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Mukremin

    Mukremin Junior Member

    hi any expert on these british pennys? and also 1 italian and 1 french coin. and please indicate value. thanks for your time

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  3. FreezerBurn

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    Top Left - 1936 Penny - KM 838 -154+ million minted in bronze - 25 Cents in FINE to $8 in UNCIRCULATED.

    Top Center - 1894 10 Centimes - KM 27.1 - mintmark B/I (Birmingham, England) - 32 million minted in copper - $1.50 in FINE to $35 in UNCIRCULATED.

    Top Right - 1806 Half Penny KM 662 - 2 million minted in copper - $2 in FINE to $90 in UNCIRCULATED.

    Bottom Left - 1937 Penny KM 845 - 88 million minted in bronze - 20 Cents in FINE to $3.50 in UNCIRCULATED.

    Bottom Center - 1913 10 Centimes -KM 843 - 9 million minted in bronze - 50 Cents in FINE to $12 in UNCIRCULATED.

    Bottom Right - 1959 Half Penny - KM 896 - 79+ million in bronze - 10 Cents in VER FINE to 40 Cents in UNCIRCULATED.

    The value ranges are from old STANDARD CATALOG OF WORLD COINS. There have been several updates to these guides since I purchased them.
  4. Mukremin

    Mukremin Junior Member

    wow thanks m8, and is it possible for you to make out from the pictures what the condition is? i mean, they are in great shape, except for 1 or 2 they are in vf condition i think
  5. SilverSurfer

    SilverSurfer Whack Job

    I'll attempt to grade them. But, first I should let you know, I consider myself an amateur grader.

    The 1936 penny, I'd grade somewhere between VF and EF. My guess is VF-35. There is some wear on the reverse, but the obverse looks great.

    The 1894 10 Centimes is about a VF-25. There is still some hair details which is how I got that grade.

    The 1806 half penny has more wear, but still has nice details considering the age. I'd grade that one at VF-20 maybe higher.

    The 1937 penny looks good. I'd grade it as an EF-40 or VF-35, the reverse shows more wear.

    The 1913 10 Centimes looks very good. I'd grade that one EF-40 or VF-35, again, I see more wear on the reverse then the obverse.

    The 1959 half penny is easily EF-40, there is good details on the ship, but I see some marks on Elizabeth's face.

    Of course, you should get two or three graders before you believe that is really the true grade, as grading can be subjective.

    Over all, I'd say the 1806 penny grades the lowest at VF-20 and the 1959 penny grades the highest at around EF-45.
  6. Mukremin

    Mukremin Junior Member

    thanks for the grading, silversurfer. I appreciate it, and now see if other people can grade it to. so we can have a good indication.
  7. hiho

    hiho off to work we go

    I believe SilverSurfer's grades are right on the money, no pun intended.
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