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    Hey I'm just trying to make some room and sell some of my stuff. The goal is to turn it into a single coin. I haven't put together the price list yet but am working on it so just DM me an offer on anything you might like. I am preparing to sell it on ebay also.
    Following are for sell:
    BU roll of Lincoln cents in tubes years, 58P, 57D,55S, 54D, 59, 57D, 66P, 55D, 94D, 83D, 68S, 09D shield capital cabin and lincoln in bank rolls. Rolls are nice BU to choice bu and most coins are red.
    Bank Roll Utah Quarter and Yellowstone Quarter should be D mint.
    2012 mint set
    2011 Army BU fifty cent
    Mint box 1986 liberty comm. $1 and $0.50
    1966 SMS in mint blue sleeve
    Jamestown Comm silver dollar in mint box BU
    Abraham Lincoln Comm silver dollar in mint box BU
    2014 baseball fifty cent BU coin in mint box
    2) 2014 baseball silver dollar commen in both proof and BU in mint boxes
    2006 westward journey nickel set in mint box
    2009 Lincoln Bicentennial one cent proof set mint box
    2009 Lincoln Coin and Chronicles box set in original mint box
    2 1963 red seal $2 notes in decorative after market folder I'd say crisp AU
    Dansco Album Sacaqawea Dollars with proofs 2000-2011 all coins included.
    BU Sacagawea dollars 2012, 2013, 2014 P,D,Sproofs (9 Coins total)
    Dansco album Statehood Quarters date set 1999-2009 All Coins silver proofs some have begun to tone Dansco and slip case look new.
    Dansco Alnum ATB Quarter Date set. Album contains the silver proofs for 2010-2015 rest of the holes are empty. Album is new.

    Non-US Coins
    1971 Canada Silver Dollar in mint case and sleeve. Coin is wild rainbow toned.
    2005 1 oz silver panda sealed in OMP.

    IMG_1589.jpg IMG_1590.jpg IMG_1591.jpg

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