Minerva's Trophy

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    Another addition to the 12 Caesars is this coin of Domitian heading left. Reverse shows Minerva (Roman goddess of Wisdom) left, holding trophy with right hand. The bronze coin is likely to have been struck at Caesarea Maritima (Samaria) and thought to be of Judaea Capta. Henden 749 or RPC 2305. It weighs 10.1 g. Feel free to post any coin of Ancient Samaria. DomiO.JPG Domr R.JPG
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    Nice coin, very historical.
    Judaea, Neapolis. Elagabalus, AD 218-222. Ae 21.5mm, 10.3gm. Mount Gerizim surmounted by temple and altar, stairway to temple and colonnade below mountain.
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