Mexican 8 Reales 1884 Zs JS - Information Please!!

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  1. Hi All,

    Recently picked this Mexico 8 Reales 1884 Zs JS up as it was it looks to be in a nice grade.
    What can you tell me about Mexican 8 reales, and more specifically this piece?
    Mexico 8 Reales 1884 Zs JS.jpg
    Value, origin, grade, variants - Anything is useful!
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  3. Mexico 8 Reales from Zacatecas. A fairly common coin minted in the millions across multiple years. Mexico minted various 8 Reales over many years across multiple mint locations. Each mint has it's on unique features and is identified in the legend on the obverse (yours has the Zs - which indicates Zacatecas).

    You can take a look here for book values:


    The above coin hammered for 180USD in April of this year. Looking at your example, I'd grade yours in the low-mid AU range as the overall detail is good but there are some circulation marks. It's hard to tell if luster is present or if the coin has been cleaned/tooled from your images (doesn't look like it). The planchet as a whole has some strike weakness on the edges. I'd value your coin in the $50-$100 range.

    Hope it helps.
  4. Wow - thanks for the info. Ill keep it in a coinflip to prevent anymore damages.
    Thank you!
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    Wow, the detailing on the eagle's feathers! Nice coin.
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    The Mexican "cap and rays" 8 reales have a long and storied history as the dominant trade coin in China and other parts of Asia, and for a period as legal tender in the United States. Other countries attempted to introduce trade dollar for Asian trade, including the United States, Japan and Great Britain, but with little success, particularly for the United States.

    The first cap and rays 8 reales appeared in 1823. The reverse design at that time was a profile eagle standing on a cactus. This design continued through 1824 for Mexico City, when towards the later part of that year a facing eagle, a design that continued for the duration of coin production. The profile eagle continued at Durango and Guanajuato, in the case of the former, 1824 and for the latter part of 1825.

    Here's an example of a Durango mint profile or "hook neck" 8 reales of 1824.

    Mexico, 8 reales, 1824 RL, Durango. "Defiant style snake". Ex. Freeman Craig.
    KM 376.1
    26.03 grams

    D-Camera Mexico 8 reales 1824 RL Durango defiant snake KM 376.1 26.03 grams FC 1982 3-12-23.jpg

    And here's an example of the final facing eagle design, 1824, Mexico City. This type, for Mexico City, is much scarcer than the hook neck design for 1824.

    Mexico City, 8 reales, 1824 JM. Facing eagle, round tail variety.
    KM 377.10
    27.00 grams

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    Alright.... Don't bust me for going slightly off track.... But there is just something about that cap and rays design that I find appealing as heck. I was just very recently lulled into buying a three cent pattern with that cap and ray motif.
    3-O.jpg 3-R.jpg
  11. This is exactly what caught my eye! thank you!
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    It was a popular motif on both sides of the Rio Grande, back in the day. (Though the Phrygian cap as a symbol of freedom has even more ancient roots.) Your US pattern is a rare bird indeed!
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    Your post made me go down the Google rabbit hole. And I am rather glad that I did.
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    Another for your enjoyment.


    2000 Silver Steam 01.JPG 2000 Silver Steam 02.JPG
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