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    I just picked up this interesting personal token of Lester G. Davis, an important figure in our great hobby, but one most of us probably hadn't heard of. I know I hadn't. Unfortunately Mr. Davis passed away in October, 2010, but I wanted to share his accomplishments with everyone at C/T. He was a man who spent 32 years in the FBI, but had a real passion for collecting transportation tokens (Vecturist) early in his collecting career. In 1960 he started collecting coins and never looked back. During his long journey he was the general chairman of the ANA's summer convention in Atlanta in 1977, was given a Numismatic Ambassador Award in 1981, and the ANA's Presidential Award in 1994 for his many important contributions to numismatics. In addition, he was a founder of the Crescent City Coin Club and a member of the Atlanta Coin Club, the Georgia Numismatic Association, and the Blue Ridge Numismatic Association. In 1967 he was appointed to the Assay Commission by President Lyndon Johnson.

    I thought it was important to honor the memory of a man who contributed so much to our hobby. It's people like him who make our passion for collecting and studying coins and tokens so much more rewarding. His personal token is an important reminder of his contributions to one of our great joys in life.


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