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    In the 1970's and 1980's and early 1990's Alex Malloy (who wrote Coins of the Crusader States) was the main dealer in the US for medieval coins. He issued a series of 31 thin yellow catalogs with only medieval coins, beginning with Byzantine and going through the medieval silver of all the European countries.


    The average about 500 coins--with most not photographed--and about 5 page plates (minimum of four, commonly six for later issues, and sometimes up to eight).
    I have most (not all) of them including issues
    2, 9-13, 15-27, 29, and 31. That's 21 issues from 1970 to 1995. I offer them all for $12 SOLD + $4 media-mail shipping in the US only.

    If you have any interest in medieval coins, you can learn a lot by perusing these catalogs. By them for yourself (or for you kids to give you) for Christmas! Do it soon so media-mail shipping will get them to you before Christmas.
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