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    I need to make space in my medieval box. Below are some coins that have to go. Some you might have seen here before. To help you with your decision, I have reduced prices a bit. Some others are new.

    Both offers and swap proposals (ancient or medieval) are welcome. Payment by PayPal or check. Tracked shipping in the US is $4. If you buy coins for less than $10, we can consider cheaper shipping options, for example a simple letter for $0.50 in the US and $1.20 international.

    Just send me a PM if you are interested or have any questions. Thanks for having a look!


    2. Taj al-Din Yildiz, Ghurid Sultanate, AR Jital, 1206–1216, Lahore mint. Obv: "Sri Hamirah" in Nagari script, stylized horseman right. Rev: Arabic regent's name in four lines: al-sultan/ al mu'azzam/ abu'l fath yildiz/ al-sultan. 13 mm, 3.47g. Ref: Tye 201.1
    AR Horseman Jital.png
    Can you see the horseman on this jital? The design is so stylized that it takes a while to recognize him. A greatly respected and knowledgeable forum member has a fascinating website on the evolution of this type.
    This coin was minted during the late days of the Ghurid Empire, which was taken over by the Khwarezmians in about 1215. Taj al-Din Yildiz, a former slave general, ruled in Ghazni (today in Afghanistan) after the death of the last Ghurid Sultan Mu'izz al-Din Muhammad. In good condition. As all coins of this type, it's struck on a small flan and chunky in hand.
    $5 (sold)

    3. Ghiyas ad-Din Kaykhusraw III, Seljuqs of Rum, AR dirham, 1276–1277 AD, Sivas (Sebaste) mint. Obv: Kalima within polylobe; circular legend around giving the mint and the date. Rev: Legend naming Kaykhusraw and his titles. 24mm, 2,86 g. Ref: Album 1232; similar to Mitchiner, World of Islam, no 999 (different mint). Ex Lanz (I can mail copy of receipt upon request).
    Seljuq Dirham, Kaykhusruw.png
    A respectable and large medieval Seljuq dirham for an absolute bargain price! Please compare to VCoins etc. $8 (sold)

    4. Al-Kamil (Meledin), Ayyubid Sultanate in Egypt, AR dirham, 1239-1249 AD, uncertain mint. 23mm, 2.7g. Rev: Arabic legend. Obv: Arabic legend. Ref: Mitchiner: World of Islam, no. 837. Ex Lanz (I can mail copy of receipt upon request).
    Ayubid Dirhem, Al Kamil.png
    Interesting for collectors of crusader coins: Al-Kamil ceded Jerusalem to Frederick II in 1229. He also is the sultan who met and negotiated with Francis of Assisi. Not the best specimen available, yet super cheap at $2.50. (sold)

    5. Rudolph II, Holy Roman Empire/Hungary, denarius, 1579–1599 AD, Kremnitz mint. Obv: RVD II RO IS AVG HBR, four partite heraldic shield (Hungary, Dalmatia, Bohemia, with Austrian inescutcheon). Rev: PATR HVNG, Virgin with child, K-B, date. both ca. 15 mm, 0.4 g. Ref: Huszár 1979, no. 1060.
    Rudolph denare.png
    In neither the best nor the worst condition, two available. $3 each (both sold)

    6. Sigismund III Vasa, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, 3 Polker, 1622–1625 (different dates), Bromberg mint. Obv: SIGIS 3 DG REX P M D L, crowned quartered shield with eagle (Poland) and heraldic knight (Lithuania), inescutcheon with withy of the House of Vasa. Rev: MONE NO REG POLO, orb with 24, date. all ca. 20mm, 1g. Ref: all attributed using Kopicki 1995.
    Sigismund dreipölker.png
    The 3 Polker coin, minted by different and often rivaling authorities, functioned as the "Euro of the Thirty Years' War." All of the coins offered here were issued by Sigismund III Vasa, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania. Not in mint condition, yet passable for this wartime type which was produced rather hastily, mostly from worn dies, and in debased silver. I have too many, therefore only $3.50 each (all sold)

    7. Gustav II Adolf (postumous), Swedish Livonia, 3 Polker, 1633, mint: Elbing. Obv: GVS ADO DG REX S, crowned quartered shield with three crowns (Sweden) and griffin (Livonia) or heraldic knight (Lithuania), inescutcheon with withy of the House of Vasa. Rev: MON NO REG SVE, orb with 24, date 33. 20mm, 0.93g. Ref: Kopicki 1995, no. 9213.
    Gustav Adolf Drepölker.png
    A 3 Polker coin minted posthumously for Gustav Adolf, the famous Swedish king, general and leader of the Protestant faction during the Thirty Years’ War. $3 (sold)

    8. Ivan the Terrible, Russian Empire, 1535–1584, various dengas (contemporary forgeries) and kopeks, different mints. Denga: Obv: Rider wielding sabre. Rev: cyrillic inscription ("Grand Prince Ivan" or similar). Kopek: Obv: Rider with crown and lance. Rev: cyrillic inscription ("Prince Ivan, Czar of all Russians" or similar). Kopeks attributed using Kleshchinov/Grishin.
    Kopeks, Ivan the Terrible.png
    Dengas, Ivan the Terrible.png
    These came as part of a couple of lots some years ago and I have too many, so some have to go. In usual condition for the type – all attributable. You can get early modern Russian ‘wire money’ with full legends and designs, but you would have to pay multiple times what I ask for these examples.
    denga: $2, kopek: $3 (all dengas sold)

    9. Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, AE Kardez, four different rulers: Hetoum I (1229–1269 AD, sitting king/cross, top left), Levon II (1270–1289 AD, cross/lion, top right), Hetoum II (1289–1306, sitting king/cross, bottom left), Levon III (1301–1307, sitting king/cross, bottom right), all Sis mint. 19–24mm. All attributed using Bedoukian 1962.
    Armenian AE.png
    Some AE coins from Cilician Armenia, an important ally of the crusader states. All of the coins offered are fairly worn but attributable. Armenian kardez coins are rarely nice. $2 each, $6 for all four (all sold)

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