McCabe rare Republican bronzes and silver closing 15th July

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  1. Andrew McCabe

    Andrew McCabe Well-Known Member

    I have some interesting rarities, many very rare Republican bronzes and silver types, closing tomorrow

    rarities include

    - Sempronius Gracchus dioscuri denarius with GR family name RRC 169
    - Sextus Pompeius Fostulus quadrans with wine jug on obverse and reverse RRC 235/3
    - the only known die of a Lucius Calpurnius Piso denarius with exergue line RRC 340 variety
    - very rare Pan and Silenus denarius type of Caius Vibius Pansa RRC 342/1
    - rare elephant bronze of Aulus Hirtius made after the issue of Julius Caesar that proves the Caesar RRC 443 elephant type must have started by 50 BC in order for this Hirtius bronze type to have copied it, contra Crawford, who dates RRC 443 to 49-48 BC

    Please have a look

    thank you

    Andrew McCabe

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