AD: May 10 and May 17 Coin & Jewelry Auctions

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    I'll make it short and sweet this time. I'm going to start including the Invaluable auction links with these posts as well, because AuctionZip has been having some issues with their auction pages not loading and I want to make sure you can at least see what is there in the auction. (I've contacted their customer service about the issue, and they're looking into it.)

    I don't care which system you use to register as long as you pay for your order, haha...

    May 10 Coin & Jewelry Auction AuctionZip / Invaluable Registration links

    May 17 Coin & Jewelry Auction AuctionZip / Invaluable Registration links
    (What's new for this auction? Just got a decent sized world coin consignment from a LCS, so I'm working on adding everything to that right now, plus I'll replace anything that sells from the May 10 auction with some Mercury and Roosevelt Dimes and some more UNC Washington Quarters, probably some more foreign silver.)

    Anyway, just wanted to remind everyone of the auction tomorrow and give a first notice of the new auction next weekend. Good luck, and stay safe out there!

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