Maximian, Constantius (Roman)

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    I offer coins of the Roman tetrarchy:
    Many are here at Augustus Coins:
    and I feature two below


    A silver argenteus of Constantius I, struck c. 295 at Heraclea as one of the first types of this new denomination.
    18 mm. 3.14 grams.
    Light scratches, as well-illustrated in the photo.
    RIC Heraclea 5, "r3", plate 12, page 529.
    The four tetrarchs sacrificing over tripod altar in front of a camp with six towers, possibly the Praetorian Camp.
    Nice portrait scowl! [$219 + $6 shipping in the US]


    Maximian (286-305) at the London mint
    Genius standing left
    no mint mark, for London
    RIC VI London 25

    Lovely dark green English patina. An excellent example!
    Look at the centering! Slightly better hair detail than the photo shows (especially in front of the wreath). A super coin [$95 + $4 shipping in the US]

    I have also redone my "Augustus Coins" page of reference works on ancient coins:
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