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    Master Online US Coin Dealer List

    updated 07.16.2020

    ** full list at bottom of this post **

    Dealers with GREAT Websites

    Alhambra Coin Center
    Atlas Numismatics (has Ancients) (has World coins)
    AU Capital Management (has Ancients)
    Blanchard and Company
    David Lawrence Rare Coins ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **
    DM Rare Coins * RECOMMENDED *
    Harry Laibstain Rare Coins
    Larry Shapiro Rare Coins
    Mikes Coin Chest
    Modern Coin Mart
    Numismatic Financial Corporation
    Pinnacle Rarities
    PQ Dollars
    Reeded Edge
    US Coins Inc
    VDB Coins

    full list (alphabetical):

    3 Cent Nickel * RECOMMENDED *
    A Coin Shop
    Abacus Coins & Bullion
    Aeternitas Coins and Antiquities (has Ancients)
    AG & S Gillis (has Ancients)
    Alaska Coin Exchange
    Albanese Rare Coins
    Alhambra Coin Center
    All That Glitters
    Allen G. Berman (has Ancients)
    American Gold Exchange
    Ancient Treasures (has Ancients)
    Angel Dee's Coins and Collectibles
    AR Save
    Aspen Park
    Atlas Numismatics
    AU Capital Management (has Ancients)
    Audubon Gold Exchange
    Austin Rare Coins
    Bargain Bin Ancients (has Ancients)
    Bean Town Coins
    Bellisario Rare Coins
    Black Mountain Coins (has Ancients)
    Blanchard and Company
    Blanchard and Company
    Bob Paul Rare Coins
    Bob's Coins
    Bret Leifer Numismatics
    Brian Greer
    Butternut Company
    Buy Gold And Silver Coins
    Capital City Coins & Currency
    Capstone Acquisitions
    Central Jersey Rare Coins
    Centurial Collectibles
    CGB.FR Numismatists (has Ancients)
    Cheap Slab Store
    Cheap Treasures
    Chi Rho Coins (has Ancients)
    Chris Rudd (has Ancients)
    CIVITAS Galleries (has Ancients)
    Clark Smith Numismatists
    Classical Coins (has Ancients)
    Classical Numismatic Group (has Ancients)
    Coast to Coast Coins
    Coin Gallery of Boca Raton
    Coin Mine
    Coin Mogul
    Coin Purse
    Coin Rarities online
    Coin Time
    Coinnection Coins * RECOMMENDED *
    Collector Rare Coins
    Common Cents Rare Coins
    Coops Coins
    Cornerstone Coins
    Corpus Christi Coin and Currency Inc
    CR Coins
    Craigs Collectible Coins
    CTF Error Coins
    D & J Coins
    Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange
    Dalton Gold & Silver Exchange
    Dave Wnuck Numismatics
    David Finkelstein Rare Coins
    David Hall Rare Coins
    David J. Weygant Rare Coins
    David Kahn Rare Coins * RECOMMENDED *
    David Lawrence Rare Coins ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **
    Decatur Coin and Jewelry
    Defcat Numismatics
    Del Parker Numismatist (has Ancients)
    Delaware Valley Rare Coin Co
    Den of Antiquity (has Ancients)
    Dick Osburn Rare Coins
    Dirty Old Coins (has Ancients)
    DM Rare Coins * RECOMMENDED *
    DMITRY MARKOV Coins & Medals (has World Coins)
    Don Rinkor Rare Coins
    Douglas Winter Numismatics
    Drake Sterling Numismatics (has World Coins)
    DSS Coin and Bullion
    Dustin Massie Numismatist
    Eagle Eye Rare Coins * RECOMMENDED *
    Early Copper Coins
    Eastern Numismatics
    EBW Coin
    Edgar L. Owen, Ltd (has Ancients)
    Edward J. Waddell, Ltd (has Ancients)
    Eugene Bruder Type Coins
    Executive Coin Company
    Eye Appealing Coins
    Fast Coin
    Finest Coins & Relics
    Finest Known
    Finest Known
    FORVM ANCIENT COINS (has Ancients)
    FRANK S. ROBINSON (has Ancients) (has World Coins)
    Fred Coops' & Co.
    Fred Weinberg
    Freeman & Sear (has Ancients)
    Full Eagle Rare Coins
    Gainesville Coins
    Gerry Fortin - Rare American Coins ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **
    Gibraltar Coins and Precious Metals
    Gitbud & Naumann Münzhandlung München GmbH (has Ancients)
    Gold N Coins
    GR Tiso Numismatics
    Graded Modern Coins
    Grand Rapids Coins (formerly Mullen Coins)
    Great Collections ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ** (has Ancients)
    Grove Coin
    GSA Dollars
    Hannigan’s Rare Coins
    Happy Coin
    Harbor Coin Company
    Harlan J. Berk (has Ancients)
    Harry Laibstain Rare Coins
    Harvestor Investments
    Heritage Auctions ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **
    HH Rarities
    Inde Et Lib, Numismatists
    Indy West Coins
    J and H Coins
    J Robinson Rare Coins * RECOMMENDED *
    J. J. Teaparty
    Jade Rare Coin
    Jencek Historical Enterprise, Inc (has Ancients)
    Jet Proofs * RECOMMENDED *
    Jhon E Cash
    JMS Coins
    John Gulde
    John Kraljevich Americana
    John Scanlon's Coin Store
    JW Cameo
    Karl Stephens Inc (has World Coins)
    Kearney Coin Center
    Kedzie Koins
    KR Coins (has World Coins)
    L & C Coins
    Lafitte Coin Company
    Larry Briggs Rare Coins
    Larry Shapiro Rare Coins
    Legacy Coins & Capital
    Legacy Rare Coins
    Legend Numismatics
    Leo Frese, Coins and Collectibles
    Liberty Coin
    Liberty Coins Inc
    Linkville Coins And Antiques
    Liquid Bullion Coin and Collectibles
    Littleton Coin Company
    London Coin Company
    Long Island Rare Coin & Currency
    Lost Dutchman Rare Coins ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **
    Louisiana Gold & Coins
    Low Country Coins
    Marc R Breitsprecher Classical Numismatist (has Ancients)
    MA-Shops (has Ancients)
    Mayer Numismatics
    McIntosh Collectibles
    McMillen Numismatics
    Meridian Coin
    Meridian Coin, Inc
    Michael Kittle Rare Coins
    Mid South Coin Co
    Mid-American Rare Coin Galleries
    Mike Byers
    Mikes Coin Chest
    Mint Products
    Mint State Gold
    Modern Coin Mart
    Moneta Romana (has Ancients)
    Monetarium Adelaide
    Mount Vernon Coin
    MuseumSurplus.com (has Ancients)
    Nashville Coin Gallery ** Added 7.15.2020 **
    National Coin Broker
    New England Rarities
    Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd (has World Coins)
    Northeast Numismatics ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **
    Northern Nevada Coin
    Numismatic Americana
    Numismatic Assets
    Numismatic Classics
    Numismatic Financial Corporation
    Numismatics with Kenny ** Added 7.15.2020 **
    Old Pueblo Coin
    Old World Coin's
    Pahrump Coin Shop
    Palm Island Coins and Currency
    Park Avenue Numismatics
    Pegasi Numismatics & Spartan Numismatics (has Ancients)
    Penny Pincher Coins
    Phoenix Gold Corp
    Pinehurst Coin Exchange
    Pinnacle Rarities
    PQ Dollars
    Pro Coin
    Quad City Coin & Antique Company
    Quality Rare Coins * RECOMMENDED *
    R & I Coins
    R&I Rare Coin
    Rare Coin Company of America
    Rare Coin Wholesalers
    Rare Coins of New Hampshire
    Rare Coins of New Hampshire
    Ray Komka Coins
    Reeded Edge
    Rich Hokanson Rare Coins
    Rich Uhrich Rare U.S. Coins
    Robert S. Riemer Certified Coin Selections
    Roman Coins.net (has Ancients)
    Romanorum (has Ancients)
    Royal Coin and Jewelry
    Rudnik Numismatics (has Ancients)
    Sahara Coins
    Salt City Coin
    Sam Sloat Coins
    Sarasota Rare Coin Gallery
    Scarsdale Coin
    Scotsman Coin and Jewelry, Inc
    Sheridan's Coins
    Silver Dollar Co
    Silver Eagle Store
    Socal Coin World
    So-Called Dollar
    Solid Rock Rarities
    Southeast Quality Coins
    Southern Coins and Precious Metals
    Southgate Coins
    Stacks Bowers Galleries * RECOMMENDED *
    Stephen Album Rare Coins (has Ancients)
    Sterling & Currency (has World Coins)
    Steve Estes
    Steve Hayden CivilWarTokens
    Sullivan Numismatics
    Sunshine Rare Coins
    Superb German Coins
    Surf Coins Co
    Tangible Investments
    Texas Gold and Silver
    The Elusive Spondulix
    The Penny Lady
    Thomas Bush Numismatics ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **
    Tipsico Coin
    Twin City Gold
    U.S. Rare Coin Investments
    United States Gold Bureau
    Universal Coin Co
    Upstate Coin & Gold
    Upstate Numismatic Services
    US Coins Inc
    USA Coin Book
    V Coins (has Ancients)
    Valley Coin
    Vantage Rare Coins * RECOMMENDED *
    VDB Coins
    Village Coin Shop
    Vintage Proofs
    VOCNumismatics (has World Coins)
    VT Coins
    Wasatch Coin
    Washington Rare Coin Center
    wcnconline (has Ancients)
    Westminster Mint
    William M. Rosenblum Rare Coins (has Ancients)
    William Youngerman, Inc (has World Coins)
    Wolfshead Gallery (has Ancients)
    Yellow River Rare Coins
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  3. Dougmeister

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    Thanks for all of your work! Awesome job! :D
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  4. Hotpocket

    Hotpocket Supreme Overlord

    *Note: A percentage of all sales go to geekpryde, LLC.

    LOL. Just kidding - great list, thanks for posting. I especially like David Lawrence and Modern Coin Mart, good sites.
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  5. Gnomey

    Gnomey Active Member

    Thank you thank you thank you. I was looking for some other trusted sites outside of Fleabay. Thanks again!
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  6. josh's coins

    josh's coins Well-Known Member

    These threads have been helping me make some improvements.
    (1) Selection- Working on gathering more diverse inventory
    (2) Attractive web design (either pretty or gorgeous)-I'd say so but that is subjective to the customer.
    (3) Built-in Search-Got it
    (4) Pre-defined Coin Categories (for fast narrowing)-Got it
    (5) Quality photos (either very good or great)- Working on it
    (6) Easy to Use-I'd say so. Again this is subjective to the customer.
    (7) Easy to quickly find what you are looking for- yes
    (8) No broken links / broken functionality (which is very common on coin websites)- no broken links
    (9) (Ideally) Filter By Price, Filter by coin year, etc.- have not figured out how to do this just yet.
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  7. JBGood

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    Very useful list! Thank you
  8. Dougmeister

    Dougmeister Well-Known Member

    "Mike's Coin Chest" seems kind of pricey...
  9. Dougmeister

    Dougmeister Well-Known Member

    I would heartily *not* endorse Blanchard and Company unless you're buying bullion. They can't/won't provide pictures of a Saint Gaudens unless I buy it first...?!


    Plus their prices, too, seem a bit high.
  10. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Hammer at the Ready Moderator

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  11. geekpryde

    geekpryde Husband and Father Moderator

    I will check with them. If they are using stock photos I will take them off this list.
  12. giorgio11

    giorgio11 Senior Numismatist

    I am very honored and humbled to have made this list. We have put a lot of love, time, and effort into the website over the years, and it is nice to get some recognition. We are not the biggest in the business, but we do try to pay special attention to every customer. I have to say credit also goes to our webmasters, Suggest the Best LLC, as we developed a "creative brief" years ago that addressed what we wanted the website to do, the look and feel, branding messages etc. before we ever launched the first page. It was quite a process in which my marketing background and their web design/technological resources were both found quite useful.

    Thanks a lot geekpryde and Peter @ cointalk for this honor!

    Best Regards,

  13. Gnomey

    Gnomey Active Member

    Here is another good one. It's a shop in my area. They have a great website and they are very nice guys.

  14. jello

    jello Not Expert★NormL®

    Great job
    geekpyre !!!
    Also I still have Ngc & Pcgs graded coins that are my 2's 15-30 graded coins.
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  15. Pattern_guy

    Pattern_guy New Member

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  16. Dougmeister

    Dougmeister Well-Known Member

    Reeded Edge uses stock photos, too. At least for their Saint Gaudens.
  17. geekpryde

    geekpryde Husband and Father Moderator

    Are you sure? They are a first-rate shop, that would surprise me. Unless this is common in the industry where these are thought of as just bullion. Ill dig some more, as otherwise I certainly want to keep them on the list.
  18. geekpryde

    geekpryde Husband and Father Moderator

    added to the full list.
  19. Dougmeister

    Dougmeister Well-Known Member

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  20. geekpryde

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    I added a new site!

    @gbroke store.
  21. geekpryde

    geekpryde Husband and Father Moderator

    I added a new site!

    Gerry Fortin - Rare American Coins

    Gerry still needs to add more advanced search, but he has very good inventory, good photos, great coin descriptions, and a lot of value-added features, like Open Set Registry. He stocks raw coins, TPG coins, and CAC approved coins.

    Please continue to use my recommended list and my full dealer list to find those coins you need! Don't just wait for your local dealer or eBay to have the coin you want.
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