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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Kevin Dore, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. Kevin Dore

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    I wasn't sure where to post this, but I guess this is the right forum. I've had this token in my collection as long as I can remember. It was passed down from my mother. I never knew what it was. I remember as a child thinking it was one of those large cents from the 1800's. It wasn't until recently that I finally figured out what it was. Looking on ebay I see similar ones selling in the $5-$10 range, but I have no idea of the value of this one other than that so I'm guessing it's worth something similar. Or at least it would be if it wasn't damaged. S20180829_0023.jpg S20180829_0024.jpg S20180829_0025.jpg

    Unfortunately there is a huge problem spot on the ... umm ... reverse? I don't even know which side to call the obverse and which the reverse. I'm wondering if there is something I could do to remove the tainted portion, or if that is even a good idea, or even if it's worth bothering about. I know that unfortunately some of the design elements on the token are forever gone whether I clean it or not. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures but the area around the edge of the spot has that green tarnish that you see on old copper that has been weathered. I'm not sure how long this spot has been there as it's been stored for decades since I last pulled it out and I don't remember if it's always been there or not.

    So, any thoughts on the problem spot? Does anybody recognize this token that could tell me more about it than I already know? I admit I haven't done my due research on it yet, like I said I just recently figured out what it actually was.
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  3. Randy Abercrombie

    Randy Abercrombie Supporter! Supporter

    I am on my phone and cannot make out the lodge. I would bet if you were to google the lodge number you could find a location. I bet that would be of value to them.
  4. vintagemintage

    vintagemintage Well-Known Member

    I found one of these in a roll of Half Dollars a couple of years ago:

    Token1.jpg Token2.jpg

    Yours has been personalized, any ancestors with the name Simmons?
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  5. willieboyd2

    willieboyd2 First Class Poster

    I would leave the Masonic "penny" alone.

    Your Masonic penny is from the Washington Chapter in Houston Texas and the chapter is still active. The year "1851" is the year the lodge was chartered, not the year of the coin.

    The Masonic Penny, Masonic Chapter Penny, Mark Penny, Masonic Coin, or Masonic Token, is a coin or medallion made and used by some Masonic lodges.

    They are given to members during initiation ceremonies or meetings.

    The Royal Arch Masons almost always issue Masonic Pennies to their members. These are specialized Masonic lodges sometimes called York Rite Masons. The lodges sometimes use the abbreviation R.A.M. on their pennies. Most Royal Arch chapters have disbanded.

    The pennies are usually 30mm to 35mm in diameter, similar in size to the old pre-decimal English penny (31mm). They are manufactured by the lodges or by commercial minting or Masonic regalia companies.

    Most have generic designs and the names of the chapters on them.

    I have a few Masonic Pennies and here is one of mine:

    Masonic Penny, Berkeley, California, RAM Chapter 92

    Obverse: BERKELEY CHAPTER No 92 R.A.M. / CALIFORNIA - University of California Greek Theatre
    Reverse: CHARTERED APRIL 18, 1906 / ONE PENNY - HTWSSTKS emblem
    HTWSSTKS is "Hiram of Tyre, Widow's Son, Sent To King Solomon"
    Bronze, 32mm

  6. Kevin Dore

    Kevin Dore Active Member

    Wow, that was a lot more information than I was expecting. Thank you so very much. You've saved me a lot of time and research. I knew the date was the year that the lodge was chartered, but as a kid of course I thought it was the year it was made. Pretty much everything else you said I did not know. The only questions remaining are who is R. C. Simmons. I'll try to figure it out but I may never know. I wish I knew how this came into my mother's possession. My best guess is by means of my grandfather but I have no knowledge of him being a mason.
  7. Pickin and Grinin

    Pickin and Grinin Well-Known Member

    Zinc and other fillers tend to be exposed when a coin is exposed to the elements. I tend to find some virgin olive oil. It's an almost non existent film that will help protect the coin, from further deteriorating.
    Don't be liberal, this is a very lite coating, applied with a que tip.
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  8. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    Since his lodge is still in existence, they may have some information on him.
  9. Kevin Dore

    Kevin Dore Active Member

    Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely do that. That is my biggest worry is that this corrosion will spread.
  10. Kevin Dore

    Kevin Dore Active Member

    Good idea. I'll consider contacting them. Maybe that will give me some idea of how this penny came into my family's possession.
  11. Heavymetal

    Heavymetal Supporter! Supporter

    My father’s R.A.M. Medal 5978D3AD-8772-4FB0-AF4B-8B2048F68484.jpeg B1679E98-3519-4143-BEFA-05053BEA2134.jpeg
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  12. ldhair

    ldhair Clean Supporter

  13. Pickin and Grinin

    Pickin and Grinin Well-Known Member

    Masonic tokens are one of my subsets. They are hard to pass up in my opinion. Picked this one up a while back. IMG_0001.JPG IMG_0002.JPG
  14. kden

    kden Active Member

    I just inherited one of these and know nothing about it. It’s chapter 8 and says and organized date.
  15. kden

    kden Active Member

    What do y’all know
  16. ldhair

    ldhair Clean Supporter

    Welcome to CT. Please post an image if you wish.
  17. kden

    kden Active Member

    Thank you,

    Attached Files:

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  18. Razz

    Razz Critical Thinker

    take a pair of small pliers and flatten those staples on the 2 by 2! They can scratch other coins and destroy value.
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  19. willieboyd2

    willieboyd2 First Class Poster


    Your Jersey City Mt. Vernon Chapter Masonic Penny has the important Masonic emblem on it, the Ark of the Covenant.

    A Washington D.C. Masonic Penny with the Ark on it:

    Masonic Penny Washington D.C. - Columbia Chapter 1
    Bronze, 29 mm, 8.90 gm
    Circle enclosing the Biblical Ark of the Covenant
    Ornate HTWSSTKS emblem
    Member's initials "AV" engraved in center

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  20. deadmancoins

    deadmancoins Member

    Fascinating info!
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  21. kden

    kden Active Member

    Thank you for the info
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