Martin Van Buren Presidential Dollar Coin Error?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by jim05, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. jim05

    jim05 New Member

    Hello, Everyone

    I came across this unique 2008 Martin Van Buren Presidential Dollar coin. I thought these coins were suppose to look gold (plated in copper) however, this is not the case with this coin. Does anyone have any details?

    photo1.jpg photo2.jpg
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  3. dsmith23

    dsmith23 Gotta get 'em all

  4. jim05

    jim05 New Member

    Hey, Dsmith

    That's what I thought at first but the appearance of this coin is like a quarter.
  5. dsmith23

    dsmith23 Gotta get 'em all

    Whats the edge of the coin look like?
  6. jim05

    jim05 New Member

    The edge lettering is consistent with other Presidential Dollar Coins. There aren't any defects besides two small gashes as if something hit it real hard on an angle.
  7. lupinus911

    lupinus911 Member

    Uhh, I want to say silver plated but weigh it against another dollar if you can
  8. orenthal

    orenthal Junior Member

    i found three of these today when i bought two rolls - a washington, adams and harrison.

    i wonder what the deal is with these.

    i see ebay has several "silver-plated" pres coins. did the mint plate them? they look really cool.

  9. dsmith23

    dsmith23 Gotta get 'em all

    As I said in my previous post, I'm willing to bet they're silver plated, look on ebay you will sell them being sold.
  10. orenthal

    orenthal Junior Member

    so probably someone is dipping common coins in something that turns them silver-colored and trying to sell them on ebay for a premium?

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