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  1. joecoincollect

    joecoincollect Well-Known Member

    Hello. I was looking in ERIC 2 and one or two of the AE 4 reverses seem to be what I’m seeing here. I tried to draw what appears to me. I put the weight, diameter. What do you think? I think if it’s in such a condition and grade, it’s worth less than a hundred anyhow, not sure. Thanks for your input in advance. 3F562B04-0621-4CD2-8603-62B8510F1AA6.jpeg 7CCED0F7-3A5A-4B90-AD11-9E6F6FD3BA55.jpeg A1AD1CE3-AD96-4FA1-A532-5AAD758663B0.jpeg
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  3. ValiantKnight

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    Several different late 4th/5th century emperors had this type of reverse or similar. Just from your photos it looks way too gone to tell for sure. For a better chance at ID, remove it from its holder and take clearer/closer photos.
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  4. joecoincollect

    joecoincollect Well-Known Member

    from ERIC book, I didn’t see any other small reverses like this figure, only a similar one with a captive to the right. Ill try and take more pics. Thanks for replying
  5. eddiespin

    eddiespin Fast Eddie

    My doctor says majorian is more healthy for you than butter. :)
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  6. Finn235

    Finn235 Well-Known Member

    The same type (victory advancing left) was minted by nearly a dozen emperors over a span of more than a century, plus a few decades more if you include the Vandal imitative types as well. Probably most (95+%) of the extra crude ones were minted by Honorius or Arcadius.

    Unless you can clearly see part of the MAIORIANVS in the obv legend, it's best to assume it was minted by Arcadius or Honorius.

    Still, I have a small bag of the type that I haven't been able to part with, because attribution isn't certain and what if...
  7. joecoincollect

    joecoincollect Well-Known Member

    okay, so you’re telling me all those other ones look like stick figures like the two that I’m telling you are distinctive?
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  8. Finn235

    Finn235 Well-Known Member

    To varying degrees, yes

    I still need to image all of mine, but here is my Johannes, a rare ruler but still a far cry from Majorian
    Johannes AE4 victory captive.jpg

    This was my "maybe Johannes, maybe Theodosius II"
    Possible Johannes Victoria Avgg.jpg

    From your pictures, I am not seeing anything stylistically that would indicate Majorian; IMO these aren't possible to attribute definitively without enough letters to make out a partial name.
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