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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by TJC, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. TJC

    TJC Well-Known Member

    Have been looking to fill the Macrinus slot for a while. Pulled the trigger a few weeks ago on this provincial. Finally shot these reasonable pics the other day.

    And share your Macrinus's's;)

    MacrinusTych339xO.jpg MacricusTych339xR.jpg

    Macedonia-Amphipolis; Ae 22
    Scarcer coin, 217-218 A.D. Sear 2910
    AVT M OΠEΛ CEOV MAKΡINOC laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right.
    AMFIPOLEITWN, Tyche seated left, holding patera.
    BMC 130; Moushmov 6114; Varbanov 3286 (this coin?).
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  3. Bing

    Bing Illegitimi non carborundum Supporter

    Love the reverse @TJC. Excellent example with good detail!

    Macrinus 4.jpg
    Pentassarion AE28
    REVERSE: VP PONTIAN-OV MARKIANO/ POLIT, Coiled serpent with radiate head
    Struck at Markianopolis, Moesia Inferior, Magistrate Pontianus; 217 - 218 AD
    12.6g, 28mm
    Hr & J (2012)
  4. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter Redditor Lucis Aeternae

    Here's my Macrinus Provincial, AE 26 9.7 grams. I believe it to be Nikopolis ad Istrum:


  5. Cucumbor

    Cucumbor Dombes collector Supporter

    Very good reverse, indeed

    Macrinus, Bronze struck in Nicopolis
    AVT KM .... H MAKRINOC, Laureate and cuirassed bust of Macrinus right
    V M AGRIPPA NIKOPOLITWNPROC IC TR, Tyche standing left, holding cornucopia and rudder
    14.26 gr
    Ref : ANMG #1710

  6. Brian Bucklan

    Brian Bucklan Well-Known Member

    Macrinus has some interesting and unusual Provincial types. Here's a somewhat more common type from Parium:

    Macrinus Parium Capricorn.jpg
  7. Andres2

    Andres2 Well-Known Member

  8. 7Calbrey

    7Calbrey Well-Known Member

    Mine was struck in Laodicea. BMC 97 Macr O resiz       Laod.jpg Macr Remus      Bmc 97.jpg
  9. 7Calbrey

    7Calbrey Well-Known Member

    @TJC .. May I know please why your "Tyche" looks like a Red Indian??
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  10. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    Nice @TJC ! Cool prov.

    Here are a couple of mine of the Mac-Man:

    RI Didumenian and Macrinus 217-218 CE AE28 Markianopolis mint Serapis.jpg
    RI Didumenian and Macrinus 217-218 CE AE28 Markianopolis mint Serapis

    RI Macrinus 217-218 AE25 CE Facing Quadriga.jpg
    RI Macrinus 217-218 AE25 CE Facing Quadriga
  11. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member Supporter

    I had been thinking we had not had a Macrinus thread for a while. Thanks for starting it.
    Nicomedia honoring their second neocourous

    Nicopolis with aegis on bust and Dionysos reverse

    with Diadumenian from Marcianopolis with neatly piled snake coils

    another Marcianopolis but the portraits switched sides - I always liked these with the three lines of legend under the heads. Athena reverse
  12. chrsmat71

    chrsmat71 I LIKE TURTLES! Supporter

    Cool style on that Macrinus provincial!

    I've only got one coin from this cat, but it's a sweet tet with a cool little Shamash dude on the reverse.


    Syria, Seleucis and Pieria. Emesa. Macrinus, 217-218 AD. AR Tetradrachm

    O: laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right. R: eagle standing facing, head left, holding wreath in beak; between legs, radiate and draped bust of Shamash left. Prieur 1015. 27 mm, 12.9 g
  13. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Supporter! Supporter

    Here's a super-common one from Antioch:

    Macrinus Antioch.jpg
    Macrinus, Augustus AD 217-218
    Roman provincial Æ 19 mm, 3.80 g, 12:00
    Syria: Seleucis and Pieria, Antioch ad Orontem
    Obv: ΑVΤ Κ Μ Ο C ΜΑΚΡΙΝΟC CЄ, laureate and cuirassed bust right
    Rev: Large SC, Δ/Є above and beneath; all within laurel wreath interrupted by star above
    Refs: SGI 2949; BMC 20. 198,385; SNG Cop. 233; McAlee 728.
  14. randygeki

    randygeki Coin Collector

    Great addition. Yeah, thats a neat reverse.

    Macrinus, 11 April 217 - 8 June 218 A.D., Antioch, Syria

    Bronze provincial as, McAlee 736; Hunter III, 243 - 244; BMC Galatia p. 200, 403 ff. var (busts); SNG Cop 234 var (same), aF, Antioch (Antakya, Turkey) mint, weight 2.175g, maximum diameter 17.8mm, die axis 180o, obverse AYT KAI M O CE MAKPINOC CE, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Macrinus, from the front; reverse KAI M O ∆IA ANTΩNEINOC, bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust of Diadumenian, seen from the front, S - C flanking across field; from the Butte College Foundation, ex Lindgren; very rare bust variant;
  15. ominus1

    ominus1 Well-Known Member

    your reverse looks like one of mine afa the snake goes, but there's not enough on the obverse for me to really ID it..what do you think? not rounds    snake coin 003.JPG not rounds    snake coin 004.JPG
  16. roman99

    roman99 Well-Known Member

    Here's mine.
    Macrinus 217-218 CE, AE 23
    Deultum mint, Thrace.
    Varbanov 2121, Jurukova 61
    23mm, 6.52 grams.

    Attached Files:

  17. Julius Germanicus

    Julius Germanicus Well-Known Member

    Nice OP coin! I don´t have any provincial coins of Macrinus (yet), so here is my Roman mint Sestertius:

    Laureate and cuirassed bust right, featuring a medium beard, from the front
    Felicitas standing facing, head left, long caduceus in right hand, cornucopia in left hand, drapery over left arm
    Sestertius, Rome, 1.Oct.-31.Dec.217
    20,5 gr, 31 mm
    RIC IV 139, Cohen 66, Sear 7386, Clay ("The Roman Coinage of Macrinus and Diadumenian") Sestertius obverse die Nr.2 and reverse Nr.42 (this coin)
    ex Prince Waldeck Collection, Auction Münzhandlung Basel 3, 1935 (Lot 730)

    P1970795 (1).jpg

  18. zumbly

    zumbly Ha'ina 'ia mai ana ka puana Supporter

    Cool coin, @TJC. Very bold with a nice mix of colours. One of my wins in the just concluded FSR auction is a Macrinus provincial which I have high hopes for. Sometimes hard to tell from Frank’s pictures.
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  19. gogili1977

    gogili1977 Well-Known Member

    My provincial Macrinus, same as OP coin, but worse preserved:
    Macrinus A.jpg Macrinus B.jpg
  20. Pellinore

    Pellinore Supporter! Supporter

    Here's my portrait coin of both short-lived emperors, both murdered by order of Elagabalus. Not a rare type (pentassarion of Marcianopolis with Tyche and her rudder and cornucopia), but I'm quite content with the condition.

    3211 Macri.jpg
  21. Pellinore

    Pellinore Supporter! Supporter

    And there is this nice little coin of young Diadumenian, issued in Nicopolis ad Istrum. The obverse says KM OPPE D I ANTONINOS, stressing his relationship with the Antonines, the reverse shows a 'cista mystica', a basket containing a snake that peeps out to the left, with NIKO PO LITWN or 'Of the citizens of Nicopolis'. The obverse is hard to photograph (for me), looks better in hand. 17 mm, 3.90 gr. Apparently a pretty rare coin.
    The snake in its 'mystic basket' represents the god Dionysus.

    3210 N Diadu.jpg
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