SOLD Macrianus, Summer 260 - early summer 261 AD

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    Here is an excellent Macrianus. He was Augustus for less than 1 year!


    21 mm. 3.54 grams. 12:00 die axis.
    IOVI CONSERVATORI. Jupiter seated left holding out patera, with long staff, eagle at feet left, and star in left field.
    RIC 9
    Sear III 10803
    This one is well-struck for the period. Note it has a clear eye (and many don't). Please compare its price with elsewhere. You will see it is better than most at twice the price. I wonder how long this one will last. [$175 + $5 shipping in the US]

    Today it is the first coin on my page:
    which has numerous other coins for sale.

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