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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by William F, Apr 13, 2021.

  1. William F

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    A while back I bought a lot of 15 large cents that were damaged, corroded, holed, details, etc.
    While I was looking through them and doing a (little!) bit of cleaning I was working on a braided hair LC that was pretty corroded, I got to a point where I could just make out the date and saw to my shock that it was an 1857 small date variety!
    It's not a beautiful coin, It's good for a filler date, its still in pretty bad shape but it kept me from having to spend $200+ on one for my collection (yet, lol)
    Feel free to post any of your unexpected lucky finds from large lots/rolls! :) 20210413_130751.jpg 20210413_130550.jpg 20210413_130710.jpg 20210413_130927.jpg 20210413_130933.jpg 20210413_130919.jpg
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  4. scottishmoney

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    Yeah, that is cool to find a scarcer mintage year - I think about 300K or so were minted. 1857.jpg
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